Living My BEST Life

This fall I have been stepping outside of myself and my comfort zone.

I am taking those dance classes and doing the things that I have always wanted to do.

I am asking questions in class when in the past I used to be too shy.

And for those times that I do not know how to articulate my questions; I write them down first.

This afternoon in class I asked the author of the book we just read a burning question.  I also volunteered to facilitate our seminar this upcoming Friday (in 2 days!)

In the past, I would have been scared and tried to co-facilitate with someone else later in the quarter.  I decided to jump on it because the seminar will be a subject matter that I am passionate about.  I am definitely super nervous, but I am going to show up to class prepared.  Tonight I am going to read through all of the articles and tomorrow I will reread them and write notes.  At least I have a plan!

I am no longer terrified of making mistakes because I know that it is a way to learn.

I am overjoyed to have these breakthroughs and am going to keep on living my BEST life!

❤ Alana

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