Be-YOU-tifully YOU Project: #41

Sip Sip

Hello My Dear Darling Friends!

This was an odd week, but I thankfully got through it!  Last weekend my stomach was acting up and I had to rest a lot.  This took away from my study time and I started to feel stressed out.

Last Sunday I went grocery shopping and also did some food prep.  I made Quinoa with garlic, peas, and Parmesan and pulled pork for my protein source.  This is the 2nd week that I have tried food prepping my meals and I think I need to take a different approach.  For week one I got a rotisserie chicken and made lemon pesto, cauliflower rice.  I think my problem is that I am buying too much food for one person.  I am so used to grocery shopping for Christopher and I and since we both eat the food things rarely go to waste.  This was the 2nd week that I just could not finish all the food that I prepped in time.  I either got tired of it by the 3rd day or it went bad.  It also became a source of stress to remember that I still had some uneaten food in the fridge.

Since we are on the topic of food, I will also go over the fact that I decided that I was not getting enough calories.  I have been working out hard and studying hard and I noticed that I was struggling to concentrate.  I would sit down to study and all I could think of was food.  On one of those nights, I ate a bigger meal (still healthy) than what I had been eating and I noticed that my concentration was so much better).  Now I am learning how to balance this!  When I went grocery shopping last Sunday I over did it on the sweets and sugar.  I think this also led to me feeling so “off.”

I was sick on Sunday and on Monday I was supposed to meet a friend for “coffee (or tea for me)” but I had to cancel since I was sick.  I started to feel better later in the morning so I went to a zumba class and I am so glad that I did! It was so fun and uplifting, not to mention an amazing workout!!!

On Tuesday I was feeling a little better, but my stomach still felt sour.  I worked out before school, had a long day of class, then went home.  I suddenly felt super guilty about eating so much sugar the past 3 days and I wrote this Break-ups Suck post. My class mate and friend texted me in that moment and asked if I wanted to workout with her on Wednesday morning.  I had actually planned a rest day, but thought it would be a good thing for me.

Wednesday was by far the worst day of my week.  I had an awful dream that night and was not able to sleep restfully.  I went to pick up my friend and we did a kettle-bell circuit workout.  I am glad we did it, but I also changed up my post workout routine.  Rather than making my whey protein shake, I ate a ONE bar and I think this might have negatively impacted my recovery.  I felt awful, bored, and could not concentrate in class.  I really wanted to soothe myself with food and I thought getting a good hearty meal would help so I ordered some BBQ Mac and Cheese.  When I got home that afternoon the power was out and that meant the internet  was out too. I was glad that I decided to pick up food on the way home.  I felt so drained, down, and depressed and it was awful because it was an absolutely gorgeous day outside.  I also had a lot of homework, but I could not get myself to function so I  took 3 x 26 minute naps.  I did not even want to wake up to face the rest of the day, but I did.  Still no power so I went out to face the world once again.  I got a London Fog at Starbucks then went to Ross to look for workout clothes.  Then I got a surge of inspiration (most likely in the form of caffeine) and decided to go to Zumba!  That was the very best decision I made all day.  When I arrived I was so warmly welcomed and I got to see my favorite people there and got to dance on stage.  The heaviness was finally lifted from my heart.  That night I wrote this post: Some Days Will Feel All Grey.  That night the power still did not come on and I was so stressed because I still had to study and complete my study guide.  The professor decided to move our weekly test up an entire day.  I went to the local university library and was able to study there.  I think I will go there again to study someday soon when I need a change of scenery.

On Thursday, I did not want to go to class, but I did.  I also got a workout in, but instead of lifting weights I decided to go for a swim and I’m glad I did!  Class was long, but I got through it and I also got my group for the final group project!  That’s a relief!  I went home and decided to write my paper an entire day early.  Then I went to a Mixxedfit class.  It was fun, but not as much fun as Zumba.

It was SO nice to not have class on Friday!  I got ready to go to the college gym, but decided to stay home and save gas.  I made plans to go to my friend April’s Lunch hour CTY Dance fitness class && the 5:40 pm Zumba class.  I knew that I would need my energy.  I really wanted to get a double triple crunch wrap supreme box from taco time and was on my way there when I decided that I wanted to make a healthier choice so I redirected myself to MOD and got a salad with a little bit of pizza crust.  It was double the price, but I am glad I decided that my health is worth it.  I had a wonderful time at April’s Class and I even wore shorts for the first time in forever to Zumba that night!

Yesterday morning I felt so tired.  I think it had something to do with the fact that I took 2 dance classes the day before.  I had to pull myself together because I made plans to run in the woods with my friend Diana and her 4 dogs.  I am glad I did.  It was an absolutely gorgeous fall morning and I left feeling so alive and energized.  I got a taco time burrito and quesadilla on the way home and picked up an iced chai latte with soy, but I could tell it had too much sugar.  It took me forever to focus on my homework.  Once I finally felt settled enough to do it; I had to use timers.  I would study for 52 minutes then take a break for 17.  That system seems to work for me and I am going to implement it again today.  This class is kicking my butt, but I am up for the fight and more importantly eager to learn!



  • Hone in Focus. I am working on this, but it has honestly been a struggle for me.  I get distracted SO easily!
  • Examine True Rules.  I haven’t really done this yet, but I will try to today.
  • Stimulate the mind in new ways.  I have been pushing myself a lot in this aspect and am going to continue to do so!
Here is my weekly Be-YOU-tifully YOU pic!  I even wore shorts for the 1st time in forever ❤

Wow!  That was a longer and more detailed post that usual.  If you are still reading right now, THANK YOU!  How was your week and what are you going to focus on in this next week?  Please comment below to share!

Be Real. Be True. Be-YOU-tifully YOU.

❤ Alana Xoxoxo

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