I Hope You Dance

When the music plays let it move you.  You might start by tapping your toes or feeling the beat in your heart.  Be open to it it’s a great place to start.

I was so shy for many years of my life and I still am in lots of ways, but dancing has helped me to be comfortable with being myself.

There is something so healing and cathartic about movement and dance is my favorite form.  I love how you can translate the music with your body and tell a story.

Dance is universal and can take so many forms.

Right now Zumba is my favorite because I get an amazing workout that does not even feel like work.  My least comfortable form of dance is partner dancing.  I just feel a lot more comfortable and secure on my own.  When I dance with a partner I get so shy and scared, but maybe someday I will revisit it again.

I love the sense of community and belonging that I feel with my current zumba family.  I have had the chance to dance with so many beautiful souls and share magical moments without even exchanging words or names.  It makes me sad when some dancers do not return, but also so glad that I was able to share that snapshot of joy with them.

Given the choice, I Hope You Dance ❤

IMG_0308 (1)


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