Write Just Because

I have had a journal since I was young.  I remember when my mom got me my 1st one and encouraged me to write about what happened that day.  I would recount the events of the day and even draw pictures.  I loved the feeling of sharing my story.

This ritual continued in my teens and I was able to write about my crushes and frustrations.  I would even write letters to people I was too shy to talk to.

In my later teens I started to “censor” my entries just in case they got read and sometimes I would address them to God.  At this period in my life I worked hard on writing a creative narrative.

Then life got hard and I wrote about the sad  times that gave me soul.

A bunch of my friends have kept a journal too and my friend Maria’s words stuck with me.  She said, “It is wonderful that you are writing about your struggles and when you are sad, but you should also write about when things are good too.”  And she was right.  Most of my entries for the past few years were so sad and I started to write about the moments that brought me joy.  A beautiful thing happened.  Those moments of joy stayed even more vivid in my mind.

In my early 20’s I stopped censoring because I wanted to remember “exactly” what I was like at 22.  I struggled a lot throughout that time and one day I started looking back on past journals to read about what I was going through at that time and it helped me to see the progress I had made in the past year.

Nowadays I often “fall off” with my journaling because I am so busy with school work, but I would like to start writing again even if it is just a few lines.

I think that blogging is very similar to journaling.

I have written some of my most passionate and popular blog posts in the times when I was struggling, but now I want to start writing when things are good too.

I have been blogging for awhile and still struggle with figuring out what to write about so today I decided to write just because.

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