I Had To Take A Liger Nap

Usually it is called a cat nap, but I looked up the “biggest cat” and according to google it is a liger.

It was a hectic week, but also an amazing week too.  We had lots of assignments at school and I made it a point to stay active.  I was proud of the fact that on Thursday I took Zumba in the morning, weights in the afternoon, and Mixxedfit at night.  Then on Friday I had a full day at school then went to Zumba and finished my day with a swim.

Last night I noticed at the end of the day that my stomach was really bothering me and it really disrupted my sleep.  I still agreed to meet my friend Diana and her 4 dogs for a fall run in the morning.  I kind of regretted it because my stomach was still sore this morning, but I drank some kefir and lemon ginger tea and prayed that I would be able to hold it together for the run.  I met Diana and her furry friends and thankfully felt good enough to run.

I got home and still felt under the weather and decided to take a quick nap, but that nap turned into a liger nap because I had set my timer for 26 minutes.  And ended up waking up about 4 hours later.

I guess I needed that sleep.  When your body yells at you to rest, it is a good idea to listen.  I am tempted to go to the gym and lift weights, but I think instead I will rest my body and work out my brain with some homework.

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