Can’t Eat Can’t Sleep…

Can’t eat…  At least until 12 noon because I’m intermittent fasting.

Can’t sleep…  Because my brain is busily buzzing and I just can’t turn it off.

So I will sit here and ramble a little.  That train horn in the distance sure sounds nice and dangerous…  That’s the 3rd time I have heard it go off since 11:53 pm. And it is now 2 am.  WHY am I still awake?!

Of all nights, this is the night that I need a good sleep the most.  I am getting an extra early start tomorrow to pick up my sister and will be in class until 5 pm.

What has been on my mind???  My brain has been trying to figure out the best time and way to fit in a workout…  Of all things, I guess this is a good thing.  Trying to make up for lost time?

There’s that train again…

I am not stressed about tomorrow’s homework because I actually got it done within a reasonable time frame.

I even took melatonin last night and I have not had any coffee in 2 days and a month!

I did however, have an extra black tea today…

I just need to tell myself that everything is going to be okay because it is.

I think I am just excited about all of the things that are happening in my life right now.

I am getting my internship set up and excited about returning to my new home and hugging my man and my cats.  I sure miss them.

I am going to start living in the moment…

Yes, I am excited about the future, but let’s take some time to enjoy the here and now because it is pretty great.

Okay, my mind feels a little more empty hopefully now I will be able to sleep.  If not, I will play a few rounds of Star Craft.

What keeps you up at night?

Comment below to share.

Goodnight world!  I love you!

❤ Me


2 thoughts on “Can’t Eat Can’t Sleep…

  1. no weed, no alchohol, limited caffeine. the addition of intermittent fasting? sounds like your body is responding well to ketones and healing at a higher rate than normal. Psychologists and rehab specialists call what is and about to occur in your life “spring boarding”. It’s all scary but good stuff. keep going. the sleeplessness will pass as you adjust. Your electrolytes may be ramping up aswell in lieu of absent munchies and coffee. all good shit, gititgirl!

    1. Yes! It still blows my mind a little that I am going on week #5 of no weed, no alcohol, limited caffeine and starting intermittent fasting. Thanks for telling me about “spring boarding” and how this is a positive change. I feel inspired and excited about tomorrow’s workout and to continue adding in the healthy habits! The next items on my list to cross off are: sugar and those damn drive thrus that beckon me with their convenience 😉

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