Variable Rest Day

There is no better way to cramp your style than to have a fight or flight / all or nothing mentality.  Take it from me because that was a way of life for me for the past decade.  I rocked it hard until last fall when I got too sick to rock due to all the stress…

That is why I am working on distancing myself from these reactionary behaviors.  It is way better to respond rather than react because it puts you in the empowering place to chose what your next move will be.

It all comes down to figuring out what works best for you.  I personally like to operate under structure, but too much structure stresses me out and makes me more prone to an all or nothing mentality.  For example, I now make myself a weekly workout schedule that divides my workouts among the weekdays and currently gives me more flexibility on the weekends.  My “rest day” is usually supposed to be on Wednesdays, but my sister has been coming to school with me on Tuesdays so for the last 2 weeks I have shifted that rest day to Tuesdays and have moved the Tuesday workout to Wednesday.  Does that even make sense?  I might be rambling a little…

In the past, I would have either forced myself to do the workout on Tuesday no matter what (causing more stress) or made myself feel guilty about missing then take the another rest day on wednesday and maybe even take the whole week off.  Sounds counterproductive, right?  Fight or flight is about survival and not always logic.

Personally, I would rather utilize the “variable rest day” and shift it to the day that I need it the most.  No guilt, no shame, just moving forward and towards those goals!

This also applies to your healthy habits.  You might decide to indulge a little more on some days.  Like yesterday I took my sister and I out to lunch then we had some of my mom’s delicious oxtail stew then I had some ice cream.  I thankfully stuck with my intermittent fasting schedule and did not indulge in weed, coffee, or alcohol.  See?  I stayed true to the “values” that I set for myself and today I am going to eat clean and crush it in the gym.

Speaking of gym, I am going to sign off because it is time for me to get that workout in before class!  See ya soon!

❤ Alana

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