How To Play Catch-up

The older (and hopefully wiser) I get the more I find that being behind is simply a state of mind.

I honestly am not really behind.  I just have a paper to turn in by midnight tonight and then a book to read by Tuesday.  Then a few articles to read by Tuesday.  We also need to get serious about our group project.  See?  None of these tasks are impossible especially if I get started today!

That gives me about 4 complete days to accomplish what I need to get done for next week.  My success depends completely on me and that can be an empowering place to be!

I have a tendency to get stressed and overwhelmed, but I know from experience that it is not worth-it to waste the energy on those toxic feelings.

Here is my approach to playing catch up.  I am going to take immediate action after I publish this post!

  1. Brew a cup of tea or coffee ( a little go-juice always helps put some pep in the step.)
  2. Write a checklist (if your anything like me, you will feel a wonderful sense of accomplishment as you check things off.)
  3. Quickly clean and organize your space 30 minutes max (I cannot concentrate if I am surrounded by too much clutter.  Doing a quick power clean also helps me clear my mind.)
  4. Set timers:  I like 52 minutes on the a 17 minute break (I honestly struggle to stay focused especially on my school work.  I am just so easily distracted.  Setting timers helps me to stay focused and concentrated on the task at hand.)
  5. Get Started!
  6. Keep going!
  7. Rinse and repeat until the jobs are done!

See ?  In 7 simple steps you will be well on your way to getting $hit done!  Feel free to add or subtract steps where you find it necessary.

What are your tips and tricks to getting caught up?  Please comment below to share!

Love, Joy, and Blessings Always,

❤ Alana

2 thoughts on “How To Play Catch-up

  1. I love writing checklists and then crossing the items out! It feels so satisfying. I end up having a few checklists with the same items, lol. Hey I hope you get to finish all the things you need to do! ❤

    1. Yes! Checklists are the best! This past weekend was not as productive as I had hoped. I was able to turn my paper in on time and am almost finished with the book that needs to be read by tomorrow. Thankfully there is no class today so I still have some time to catch up.
      The good news is that I stuck with intermittent fasting this week and am going to keep going. This morning I woke up feeling extremely unmotivated. I usually lift weights after Zumba on Mondays, but I am meeting a friend for coffee right after zumba. Not feeling very sociable, but I hope I can shake these stony feelings off and be more productive. Have a great week!

      ❤ Alana

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