Make Adjustments Accordingly

At the beginning of this fall quarter, I did my workouts before class and I gave up coffee.  Times have changed a little since then and I have decided to shift.  This is my 2nd week of intermittent fasting and I started a keto way of eating.  As a result, I decided to start drinking one cup of coffee in the morning.  And it has helped me to feel more motivated and focused.

Another pattern I have noticed in the past few weeks is that it has been a little challenging for me to fall asleep right when I go to bed and I end up laying there for an hour and sometimes longer so I have been waking up later.  Maybe this will change with Daylight savings this weekend, but I have chosen sleeping in later rather than scurrying to the gym before school.  I was feeling more and more guilty about skipping, but on Tuesday night I was surprised by a blast of energy and decided to do my workout at the end of the day.  Today I have decided that I will just shift my workout time to the end of the day when I need more sleep.  This makes sense because when I was working out in the morning I would have to wait 5 hours before eating protein due to the fasting.  I will see how much energy I have tonight.

I am learning how to be more flexible and to live my life in a way that adds quality to it rather than subtracts and makes me feel guilty.

My new mantra is:

Make adjustments accordingly.

Have you had to switch around the time that you workout?  Comment below to share your experiences!

Love, Joy, and Blessings Always,

❤ Alana

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