I Know You’re Scared Of The Unknown You Don’t Want To Be Alone

I am absolutely obsessed with this song probably the same way everyone else is.  I meant to write about it sooner before it became so mainstream, but better sooner than later, right?

Sometimes it is absolutely terrifying to be alone and other times it is consoling for the soul.

I think my fear was always being alone forever.  Thankfully I decided to shift my focus away from my sadness and to learn how to be alone.

I started taking myself out on dates, journaling in coffee shops, and going on solo adventures.  Pretty soon I realized that I enjoyed being alone.  It gave me a chance to recharge my batteries and reflect.

I wrote this 4 years ago and literally 2 days later my man asked me out on our 1st date ❤ See?  It pays to set higher standards for yourself!

I had to get to the point of being confident on my own.  This helped me to have higher standards for myself and I attracted better friends and relationships.

I still go through periods when being alone is hard, but I am learning how to shift my sails when the winds of loneliness blow my way.  My latest approach has been to get into a routine, go to lots of dance classes, and stay busy.  The down time is the easiest time to lose sight of my blessings.

I feel like I am entering a new phase…  A new and exciting phase…  I am going to continue with my healthy habits and my 3 main priorities are still school, health, and fitness, but I feel ready to start creating again.

What are your favorite ways to express creativity?  Comment below to share and let’s create together!

❤ Alana

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