6 Years and a Day Ago I Was Spontaneous

I try not to spend too much time dwelling in the past, but every now and then I like to look back and celebrate how far I have come!

6 years and a day ago I was in a vulnerable place.  I was still trying to recover from the heartbreak of mutually breaking up with my best friend and also letting go as he moved to another country.

I was going on my 2nd year of coaching swim team and also got hired to coach the high school swim team that I swam for along side my former coach.  The paycheck was nice especially since I got paid for the entire season and I already had a Macbook computer in my shopping cart.  That night I was going to place that order.  I had my heart set on getting that computer…

A group of girls that I was hanging out with regularly had spent the entire summer urging me to try online dating to get over the one who got away.  I fought it until one of them made me a profile.  In October, I started going on a couple of dates, but nothing really clicked.  My heart was not ready to connect with anyone new.

On November 9th of 2012 I had some plans for my Friday.  I had a massage scheduled in the morning and then I was going to meet a date for coffee / breakfast.  Well, my plans changed when the physical therapy office called to cancel the appointment and my date even flaked on me at the last minute.  At least I still could look forward to purchasing my computer!

I decided that I was not going to go back to bed and feel sad about all the last minute cancelled plans.  I was going to make my own plans and have a GREAT DAY!  I decided that I would run the 5 mile loop around the Capitol Lake and I invited my sister to join me.  We set off and ran into the foggy morning.  It felt so freeing and empowering to run in the cold.

We got more than halfway through the run and found ourselves in the Capitol neighborhood.  There was a cat that came up to us purring and wanted to play.  I think we played with the cat for at least 15 minutes because it kept on following us.  It followed us for at least 5 blocks so we lead it back to where we found it and decided to run so that it would not get lost.

We started reminiscing about that time when we almost adopted a grey kitty named Abby.  We had the paperwork and were about to sign the adoption papers, but the line was so long and I had to go to work.  Also, we were not allowed to have pets in our house so we planned on hiding the cat.

4 years later we found ourselves wanting a cat after our kitty encounter so I asked my sister if we should look at the cats at Petsmart.  I also decided to make an appointment that day to get my nose pierced.  I told you it was a spontaneous day!

We got to the pet store and saw 2 black kittens.  It was love at 1st sight and we almost adopted both of them, but they were $150 a piece so I told my sis we could only adopt one.  They had opposite catonalities.  One was very sweet, friendly, and cuddly and the other one was super rambunctious.  My sis chose the rambunctious one of course.  We told the store that we were going to adopt him but we had to get cash and I had my nose piercing appointment.

I got my nose pierced and then we went back to adopt our kitty!  We snuck him into the house, but were not able to conceal him for very long.  I got in SO much trouble for getting us a cat especially since pets were not allowed in our house.

Thankfully my mom fell in love with Damon and 6 years later he is still her cat!

I did not get my laptop that day.  In fact, it would be 3 more years until I got a computer, but adopting Damon was worth-it and an early Christmas gift for my sister!

Awww it’s Damon and my Sis ❤
Damon and I with my newly pierced nose ❤

Now it is your turn to share a story with me!  Comment below to share or link me to a story!

❤ Alana

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