Be-YOU-tifully YOU Project: #45

Sip Sip

Hello My Dear Darling Friends!

This was a busy week and I am stressed!

The end of the quarter is rapidly approaching, but there is more to it than that…  We have a group project to give in 3 weeks and I was so proud of the fact that my entire group was able to make it to our organization.  I created the plans then drove us there.  It is not always typical that 4 people can be in one place at a chosen time, but we made it happen.  Our organization also gave us the green light to work with them and proceed with our project!

Now the bad news…  A bunch of people have been showing up to class sick and on Friday morning I woke up with a fever.  Our appointment with the organization was supposed to be at 3:30 and I figured that the other 3 members in my group could still go in and meet then just fill me in.  I told one of the other members I was too sick to attend class and they said they were sick too so I asked them to email the organization as soon as possible then to let the others know.  At that point it was 10 am and I still felt bad about cancelling with such short notice.

Well, around 4:30 my classmate txted and said that they forgot to email the organization and my heart just sunk.  That means that we flaked and I am so upset because it could have easily been prevented.  I sent an apology email to the organization explaining what happened and apologizing.  I hope it helps.  Then I reached out to the group and asked what day we could all meet for our next meeting.  One of the other members suggested Thursday after class, but when I said that would work the other member said that they already scheduled our next meeting with the organization for Friday at 3:30.  I had initially said that might work for me, but then I found out that we are having an important guest speaker come to my class on that day.  I also figured that we would confirm that that day and time would work for everyone before scheduling another appointment with the organization.

So I am pretty upset.  I am upset that an appointment got scheduled during class time when we need to be there for a guest speaker and I am upset because they made the appointment without confirming it with the group.

I’m sorry I know that was long winded.  I don’t get upset often, but when I do it sure ROCKS my world!

I also went to the doctor today because I noticed a painful lump on my rib.  I am glad that I went in because I found out that it is a dermoid cyst and they recommended removing it surgically so I told them to start the process.  It is painful right now, but I am glad I found out what it was and am getting it treated.

I think more than anything else I am mostly upset about 2 things.  First, the fact that my blood pressure was high today (usually I am in a healthy range) and it is probably due to the fact that I am stressed about that group project.  Secondly, I am disappointed that I cannot do my regular workouts for a few days.  The doctor recommended that I rest for at least 2 days to promote healing and recovery.

I am so afraid of stopping because I don’t want to lose momentum.

Now let’s talk about the good things in my life!

I just completed my 3rd week of intermittent fasting and my 2nd week of the keto lifestyle.  It is officially official because I peed on a keto strip that says I have a high presence of ketones!  It feels good to know that I am doing something right!

I did 3 strength training workouts this week rather than the 4 or 5 that I had planned, but I think it was necessary since I am sick.

My Zumba instructor gave me a Zumba T-shirt as a gift last Monday!  I was so surprised!


Another wonderful thing that happened to me this week is that my friend April helped me get a full scholarship to a Dance Fitness instructor licensing workshop which is taking place next Saturday!  I still can’t believe that it is real and it is another reason why I want to heal quickly ❤



  • Use good manners.  I am trying, but it sure is hard when I am so stressed, upset, sick, and in pain 😉
  • Give positive reviews.  
  • Offer a helping hand.
  • Honor and respect others.
  • Honor, Love, and Respect my mind, heart, spirit, and intellect.

This morning I started doing morning pages while I drink my coffee and writing a blog post and I think it helped me to feel more centered and positive.

This week I am going to start a gratitude practice probably writing down my blessings.  If I am feeling extra ambitious, I will add affirmations to my morning routine.

Here is my weekly Be-YOU-tifully YOU pic ❤

How do you cope with having to rest and recover?  Please comment below and share!

Be Real.  Be True.  Be-YOU-tifully YOU.

❤ Alana Xoxo

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