I Took Myself Out On A Date

It was a tradition I started many years ago the first weekend after a major break-up / heartbreak.  I was devastated and I also had to attend my first weekend long swim coach clinic.  Looking back, I think that was a good thing because it helped to take my mind off of being sad temporarily.

On the 2nd night of the clinic the other coaches and their families wanted to meet for pizza at a local pizza parlor and I carpooled with some of the other coaches.  We got there early and after waiting for 20 minutes I could not take it any longer.  I needed to be alone to process my own thoughts and find my own adventure.

I graciously thanked them for driving me and said I was going to do my own thing that night.  I did not even know where I was and I did not have a GPS because my phone was not smart.  It was 2012, but I still had one of those phones where you had to cycle through keys to get the right letter.  This was obviously before my computer days.

I had ONE rule for myself: DON’T CALL HIM.

I walked for about an hour thumbing through the memories in my mind laughing at the good times and crying through the sad.  Somehow I managed to find my way back to familiar surroundings.  I went into Whole Foods for the first time and got myself a journal and some seasalted chocolate.

After that I stumbled across an upscale bar and grill and decided to go inside.  It was very classy and people were all dressed up.  To my surprise there was a Jazz combo playing live music.  I sat down at a table right up front.  It was my 1st time ever going out alone.  I ordered a glass of red wine and some calamari (for the 1st time) and started writing in my journal as I listened to the sultry tones of the singer.

She sang my favorite song: “Moonriver.”

I wrote myself a promise that I would learn how to be alone and start taking myself out on more dates.  That night I cried myself to sleep.  It would be the first night of many.

That summer I took myself out on lots of dates and invited my sister to join me.  We spent time going to all the different pizza places and trying to figure out which one we liked the best.  I think we decided on I.talia.

It was also the summer that we met our friends at Long Lake at 7:30 am on Fridays to swim around the island.  It was definitely a summer to remember and I shared lots of beautiful memories with my sister.  Another highlight was when we went to Warped Tour Together on a balmy day in August and got to see “Pierce The Veil”, “Bless The Fall”, and “Falling In Reverse” to name a few.

That summer was so ridiculously painful, but also a summer to remember and my sister and I look back on it so fondly.

Now Let’s Fast-Forward to the Here and Now!

I am in a completely different place from where I was 6 years ago.  Thank goodness for that!  It took a lot longer than 2 years for my heart to heal from that break-up, but thankfully it did heal and I was able to open my heart to love again.

I kind of stopped going on dates with myself after awhile and it is a good thing because I was gaining a lot of weight from all those dates (and also depression and anxiety.)

This past week was honestly stressful so on Saturday I decided that I needed to do something nice for myself.  I took myself out on a date for the first time in forever.  I did research to find out where I could get a manicure and pedicure at an affordable price and then I went for it.

After the mani/pedi I decided to grab a bite to eat.  It was my first time ordering take out since I have started following Keto guidelines and it worked.  I got a black and Bleu burger with no bun, no sauce, and no frizzled onions, and I added bacon and ordered a salad rather than fries.

At the end of the end I decided that in return for my date I would start practicing yoga again.

Although, I spent a little bit of money, I think it was money well spent because I took some time to take care of myself.

Do you take yourself out on dates?  Comment below to share your date ideas!

❤ Alana

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