Hydrate Over the Holidays

We are heading into the holiday season and I wanted to remind everyone (especially myself) to stay hydrated.  And no, unfortunately tea, coffee, and alcohol do not count as hydrating beverages even though I wish they could.

This time of year is hectic.  Many of us have made plans with family and friends.  There are meals to be cooked.  Holiday bazaars.  Football games.  Holiday parties and gatherings.  Shopping.  And festivities galore.  Not to mention all the “Turkey Day” fun runs, swim meets, and boot camps.  Other folks spend this week decompressing and relaxing.  These people need to hydrate too.  It is an exciting time of year when the world feels more joyful and warm even if it is cold outside.

There were about 3 years in a row when I got very sick immediately after the Thanksgiving meal.  At first I suspected food poisoning, but then I noticed that nobody else got sick from the meals.  I started to reflect and realized that each time my fluids consisted of Grandma’s Hawaiian fruit punch, an iced mocha, and a few beers.  I needed energy to help cook the meals.

After that 3rd year, I decided  to do things differently.  I still had my coffee in the morning, but I made sure that I drank water the rest of the day and I did not get sick!

I just wanted to take some time to remind you all to drink water and stay hydrated.  It is easy to forget especially when it is cold outside, but hydration is more important than ever.  It also helps your body to process all the delicious holiday food.

Happy Holidays and Hydration!

❤ Alana


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