It Feels A Lot Like Monday

image via weheartit

It is cold, dark, wet, and rainy.  I do not even have to be at school until tomorrow, but I am waking up to go to the gym for an 8 am workout!

I have been off track for the past 3 weeks and am trying not to feel discouraged.

On Saturday night I desperately wanted some Halo Top ice cream, but I was good and made some sugar free cheesecake in a bowl.  I cannot say the same about yesterday.  I went ahead and had some ice cream.

Thankfully today is a new day!  Even if it is a rainy, wet, and cold Monday…

Let’s make the BEST of it, shall we?

❤ Alana

7 thoughts on “It Feels A Lot Like Monday

      1. I think we all got a dose of “whatever that was.” I felt super unproductive and drained these past two days and for me I think it was just lots of changes in routine and being around family… I also ate foods that I have not had in a long time and have not been as active these past 2 days. I hope you will feel better soon! Xoxo

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