This past week has uncovered a full range of emotions for me.

Anger / Annoyance- because I felt so stressed and like the odds were stacking up against me.  Have you ever felt like you were swimming upstream?  That is how I felt last week.  Thankfully I am a strong swimmer and I had the people who mattered the most in my corner when I needed them the most.

Loathing / Disgust- because there were things I would have rather been doing like studying for the final or sharpening the skills in my toolbox.  I was also upset that I was not being respected for my hard work and efforts.

Grief / Sadness- because I realized that I was sick of fighting another battle that I have believed in for the past 4 years of my life.  Reality can be so painful, but reality can also serve as a springboard to better things in life.  Sometimes the hardest part is letting go…

Amazement / Surprise- because it feels like the stars somehow aligned in the midst of all the chaos and brought us together somehow…

Terror / Fear- because change is terrifying.  Taking leaps of faith are not for the faint of heart…

Admiration / Trust/ Acceptance-  I admire bravery, boldness, and someone who can speak their truth and be real.

Ecstasy/ Joy/ Serenity – Are my default settings.

Interest / Anticipation / Vigilance- Because life is a grand adventure and if you are ever feeling “bored” it is more likely that you are being boring.  So stop complaining and get out there and live your life!!!

Be Real.  Be True.  Be You.

“Beauty In Darkness”  Watercolor painting by Alana





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