Happy 6th Birthday Living Out Loud!

First of all I want to thank all of you for joining me on this journey of Living Out Loud!  I feel blessed to be able to share my story with all of you ❤

I am obviously not in it for the likes or the follows just for the love of blogging.

It was December of 2012 and I was still heartbroken over a break-up that took place 8 months ago.  I guess it takes me awhile to get over things because I wear my heart on my sleeve…

I was actively trying to get over the heartbreak.  I was working hard, volunteering every chance I got, spending time with friends, and even doing a little online dating.  That was when I discovered that online dating was not for me.  It is hard to find a deep connection and a level of depth when you are both creating a persona that you think the other person wants.  How can you be real and true in that kind of environment?

A handful of my friends suggested that I start blogging.  I did not believe them in the beginning and sometimes I wish I would have started back in April when the heartbreak was fresh.  How was I going to blog when I did not even own a computer and had a legit fear of technology?

I deleted the Facebook that I had since 2006 and wanted a good creative outlet where I could write, share my art, and express myself.

These were my first 3 posts:

“Metamorphosis” shared my sensual coming of age watercolor painting.

“Oh My Word” gave me a chance to tell you more about me and where I was at that point in my life.

“You See Things” shared a pic of a sunset that I took when I was hanging out of a tree in the evergreen woods. It was a magical evening.

2012: I was heartbroken, lost, and finding myself.  This was the birth year of this blog ❤


2013: This was a stressful and depressing year for me, but I made the best of it.  I worked 3 jobs and did my best to move forward despite my depression and anxiety.

2014: I finally started turning my life around this year. It was the start of my “Golden Year.”   I got full-time employment in one place, bought and paid off my car, and could finally stop spinning my wheels.  I started living out loud and dancing in the rain.

2015: This was another exciting year!  I was head coach of a swim team and hosted our first swim meet.  On that same day we bought our 1st house.  I got accepted to Evergreen and after a painful summer I quit my job for a better opportunity.  I worked full-time for the North Thurston school district and I was a full-time computer science student at Evergreen.

2016: Another exciting year!  I got a surprise puppy one day and did not know anything about dogs at the time.  Thankfully Ruby was absolutely wonderful.  I also got to grow the garden of my dreams.  Spent lots of time with family and even moved to New Zealand for awhile just to return right in time for fall quarter and take the Computer Science Foundations program.

2017: We bought a motor home and started building yurts in our living room.  I decided to take a much-needed break from coding and took a program called “Dancing Molecules Dancing Bodies” this was the year that I learned that I could dance.  We also adopted our kitten Carl.  I think one of the biggest highlights was being reunited with my sister after an entire year.

2018: Here we are!  My friend Danika joined me for the Mixxedfit 101 workshop and I became an instructor.  I also ripped all the carpet out from our living room and my sister and her bf helped us install hard flooring. We switched from yurts to domes this year.  I was reunited with my dear darling friend Diana after 5 years and we performed at an open mic together and she adopted Ruby.  That set off a chain reaction for the best and we sold our first house and traveled across the country to buy our 2nd house.  We moved to Maine and I started taking my weightloss journey seriously and this continues to be an ongoing work in progress!

2017: Last year at the Jewel Box Cafe


2018: Last week at the Jewel Box Cafe!


I love looking at these 2 pictures because it shows how much progress I have made on my weight-loss journey.

This past week was rough.  I had to rush move out and give my transportation back to my parents.  I also had to say goodbye to a beautiful soul that I just met.  I guess you could say that I do not like people to know about the inner workings of my struggles.

I think this is the end of another era, but the beginning of something beautiful.

Thank you for joining me on this journey through the years!  It has been a wild and beautiful ride and I am looking forward to many more adventures to come.

Please comment below and introduce yourself.  Also, link me to your blog or social media.  I would love to connect!

Love, Joy, and Blessings Always,

❤ Alana Xoxoxo

2 thoughts on “Happy 6th Birthday Living Out Loud!

  1. Wow six years??? I’ve met you, I think 2016-2017 era and I’m so glad to see your progress in school and weight loss. You are definitely one of my closest and sincerest blogging friend. I wish you all the best, Alana! I am so happy for you and I am sincerely happy for all the good things coming your way. 🙂

    1. Yes! The past 6 years has flown by. I transitioned from my early 20’s to 30 during this time and it has been a wild ride. I am so glad that we have met and you have been one of my closest and best blogging friends too! Thanks for continuing to visit me and comment. I hope you are enjoying your Christmas Eve. Here’s to many more years of blogging, sharing stories, and being great friends!!!

      ❤ Alana

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