Christmas Eve Eve Swim in Puget Sound Fundraiser

Merry Christmas My Dear Darling Friends!

This year I got into the holiday spirit more than I have in years.  December and January are usually very depressing months for me and yesterday was no exception, but I got through it and am thankful that today is a new day!

Christmas Eve Eve was my most festive day of the week.  My friend and dance sister, April, picked me up and brought me and a group of friends to a Commit Dance Fitness Class 1st thing in the morning.  The weather was yucky and rainy, but we were glad that we started our day off strongly.  There were at least 40 people in the class and I had a blast!  Afterwards we went to The Log Cabin for bloody mary’s and brunch.

COMMIT Dance Fitness on Christmas Eve eve ❤
Got our gloww on and heading to brunch!

I felt so uplifted and joyful after dance class and brunch and was ready to just chill the f out after that when I received an intriguing invitation.

My friend Diana invited me to Christmas Caroling at Boston Harbor, but the part I was really excited about was the swim because I am crazy like that.  This was not a normal swim in the pool it was a swim in the Puget Sound!  I know that swimming at Boston Harbor at the end of December does not desirable, but I was sold when I heard that it was for a good cause.

Diana turned the swim into a fundraiser for the Olympia Union Gospel Mission.  Did you know that it costs $3.75 for a person to sleep in the shelter and for $5.50 that person can also get a hot meal?  Lots of people expressed interest in swimming, but in the end it was just Diana and I!

Do I look cold?  It was pouring down rain and a little chilly 🙂

Getting ready to swim in Boston Harbor:

Let’s go on an adventure ❤

We found out that the water was 46 degrees!  It was freezing in the beginning, but not that bad once we warmed up a little.  I am proud of the fact that so far we have raised $175 with this fundraiser.

I don’t mind swimming in the pouring down rain immersed in icy water for a few minutes if it means that people will have food to eat and a safe warm place to sleep ❤

Afterwards we got dressed and sang Christmas Carols on the Dock.


I had no plans to go for a swim that day.  In fact, I did not even think that I had a swim suit that I could locate.  I was also just feeling lazy and wanting to chill.  The only reason I had any desire to go was mainly to spend time with my friend Diana.  At the same time, I almost did not answer my phone.  Sometimes I get overwhelmed by my own anxiety and do not show up.

I guess that day the stars aligned and it was meant to be!

I called Diana back and she offered me a ride.  At that point I thought we were just going to walk on the dock to support the “swimmers.”  Then she said, “bring your swim suit” and I thought, “uh oh.” I was also super excited about the prospect of swimming through that icy water.  It is such an empowering experience!

Out of sheer luck I found my swim suit, swim cap && goggles!!!

I will admit that it was probably a little crazy to go swimming in open water at the end of December in the pouring down rain.  I guess it appeals to the part of me who once wanted to be a rescue swimmer and swim through the Bering Sea.

Are you enjoying your Christmas week?  Please comment below to share your adventures with me.  I would love to hear all about it!

Love, Joy, and Blessings Always,

❤ Alana


10 thoughts on “Christmas Eve Eve Swim in Puget Sound Fundraiser

  1. Reblogged this on Living Out Loud and commented:

    One of my favorite Christmas Eve eve memories was when I went swimming in the pouring down rain in icy water with my friend Diana! We raised a good amount of money for a great cause too!
    Merry Christmas Eve eve, friends!!!

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