Onto the Next Adventure!


I spend a lot of time thinking through scenarios.  I Lose sleep imagining all the ways that things could go wrong.  And often experience the paralysis of feeling overwhelmed.

I felt myself losing sleep over it just last night and I have to say that it is a bad habit.  Maybe it is a slight addiction.  Maybe worrying makes me feel like I have more control over a situation than I really do.

One thing I know for sure is that I want to replace this harmful habit with something better.  This is energy I could use towards accomplishing something great.

Living in the past robs me of enjoying the present moment.

I just need to remember that I do not have to have everything figured out all the time.  I can definitely plan ahead and prepare, but once I have made my plans I need to learn to let go.

Here we are once again on this topic of letting go.  It has become a theme in my life.  One of those reoccurring lessons that I want to learn sooner than later.

The only person keeping me from learning this valuable lesson is myself.


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