Be-YOU-tifully YOU Project 2.0: Week #2


We have completed the 2nd week of January and we are already nearly halfway through the month!  I am slowly, but surely getting used to writing 2019 in the date.  This was a week that has taken me further out of my element and the uncertainty has been a little more unsettling than usual.  It must be the combination of a new quarter, a new place, and waiting for the final go ahead to move into my new home.

Change can be stressful and sometimes I handle it better than others.  I think I did a great job of handling big changes last year.  Instability became the norm and I found a way to thrive throughout the process.  Right now it is causing my anxiety.  I think I am craving the comforts of “home” even though I chose to move  away.  I spent the past 3 months in my home town and I thoroughly enjoyed catching up with old friends and sticking with my routine.  Moving plucked me out of my comfort patch and I feel my roots frantically dangling and grasping to feel grounded.

This month my goal was to focus on discipline, but I have spent the 1st half of the month doing the opposite and for now I am okay with that.  I have been staying up late, sleeping in, enjoying good food and drinks, and living my life.  It has been fun, but I know that it has lead directly to my unsettled feeling.

I am giving myself permission to do this for a few more days, but once I get settled into my place I will hit the reset button and begin again.


“Learn how to learn.”

  • Get your beauty sleep.  I have been getting sleep, but would like to be more consistent with my schedule.
  • Follow a morning ritual and a nightly routine.  My morning routine was non-existent and my nightly routine has consisted of getting a margarita and watching shows until my eyes close.
  • Complete homework early.  This week I will work on my homework consistently.
  • Commit and follow through promptly.
  • Create a healthy routine.
  • Eat Clean.
  • Plan ahead and prepare (keep a food journal and write a daily schedule).
  • Exercise daily.
  • Do what you Must.

Yeah, I am being completely real with you.  I have not been hitting many of these targets this week.  Part of me feels afraid of starting over.  I liked my circle of friends and felt so confident these past few months.  Today I honestly feel a little disillusioned, but I know these are feelings that will pass.  I just need to stay the course.

My weekly Be-YOU-tiful pic ❤

How was your week and what are some of your goals for this upcoming week?  Please comment below to share!

❤ Alana

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