Simply Anxiety…

Have you ever met someone for lunch then choked on an egg salad sandwich as they walked you through a mindfulness exercise?

“Let’s sit here with out talking and savor each bite.  Chew slowly and enjoy.”

Well, it turns out that they could chew and savor more quickly than I could and I sat there coughing on the other half of my sandwich while they sat across from me patiently waiting…

Simply anxiety…

Have you ever gone into an interview or had to give a presentation and felt completely prepared until it was your turn and at that point your mind went completely blank?

Have you ever sat in a computer lab, chem, lab, or bio lab (or even just class) completely prepared then all of a sudden feel yourself soaked with sweat from anxiety?

That was me for about 3 years straight!

Simply anxiety…

This one probably happens the most frequently to me:

Have you ever stood in line at the grocery store or any store then started sweating uncontrollably?

That was me this morning.  And quite frankly, me on most days…

Simply anxiety…

Through the years, I have found ways to “deal with it” like wearing light layers so that I can start stripping down when I start getting hot.

Or doing meditation / breathing exercises.

Staying hydrated and reminding myself that everything is going to be okay sometimes helps too.

But sometimes it does not and I just have to remind myself that it is simply anxiety.

There are days when I feel strong, confident, and unstoppable and other days when I can barely stand up and feel like a broken mess.

On those days the only way I can articulate it is by saying:


This is part of the process.  Part of a condition called: being human.

If any of this sounds familiar or even slightly strikes a chord, I want you to know that you are not alone.  People from all walks of life, social standings, and all ages experience anxiety.

I am sending you great big *hugs* and lots of healing vibes.

❤ Alana

P.S Keep Fighting.  Xoxo


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