No Coffee = 3 Cups of tea + a nap

The last time I gave up coffee, I was on a mission to give up my vices and get healthy.  It was the end of September and I stayed away for a month.  I also gave up alcohol and weed and was working out consistently in addition to being in school full time.

In November I decided to embrace intermittent fasting and keto.  At this point I decided to have one cup of coffee in the morning with either coconut oil or butter and I loved the way it made me feel.  I felt upbeat, alive, and so motivated.  I noticed that without the coffee (even with tea) I was a lot more calm, a little more paranoid, and felt less alive.

At this point, I am questioning why I even think this is a good idea.  I love my morning coffee and I already miss it.

I made great progress with my weight-loss journey and at the beginning of December, I was lighter than I have been in over a decade.  But I also was forgetting to eat and was not sleeping so I guess there is a trade-off.

For the rest of December, I decided to embrace the holidays and ate lots of good food and enjoyed many good drinks.  I was in the middle of huge transitions and right now I am in the middle of getting settled after a big move.

This is my 3rd day without alcohol and my 1st day without coffee.  I do not know how long I will give up coffee this time around.  I am hoping it will help me fix my sleep schedule.

This  morning I had a cup of matcha green tea then I went for a walk.  After my walk, I had another cup and I felt exhausted before 3:00.  I decided to take a 26 minute power nap and I think that helped.  I would love to have a 3rd cup of tea, but if I do it will be herbal.

Wish me luck on this journey of swapping coffee for tea!

❤ Alana

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