Be-YOU-tifully YOU Project 2.0 Week #3


Today I am easy like Sunday morning…  It was my 1st Sunday in the new town-home.  It has been so nice to have a place to call home rather than living out of a suitcase and switching from different edges of the city.

I have been here for 2 whole weeks and I spent the first week (well, actually since Christmas Eve) researching different apartments / town-homes.

These were the items on my wish-list:

  1. In-unit washer and dryer.
  2. Full bathroom with bathtub and shower.
  3. Gym.
  4. Swimming pool / hot tub.
  5. Hard Flooring.
  6. Walk-in closet.
  7. Easy parking.
  8. Walking distance to a grocery store.
  9. Close to work.
  10. Within the budget.
  11. Granite counter tops.
  12. Safe neighborhood.
  13. Modern layout.

I started out with a list of probably 12 different places and narrowed it down as I went.  Thankfully I found a place that has every wish-list item and I still cannot believe it!  It is a beautiful, quiet gated community that has a real resort-like feel to it.

After applying, I waited nervously hoping the move-in date would be sooner than later…

The move in date was last Monday night and it was probably the easiest move I have every experienced.  Before leaving the final hotel, I even went through all of my clothes and got rid of the things that I did not need.





As you can see, I do not have a lot of clothes, but I like everything that I have!  This was by far the easiest move.  I just had a suitcase of clothes, a backpack with my laptop, my purse, and no furniture.  I am definitely enjoying the simplicity of living with less.

I woke up on Tuesday morning and experienced the usual anxiety of living in a new place.  Blogging really helped me get through those first few days.  I really love the sense of community that it brings and the way that it gives me a good creative outlet to share my stories and adventures.  I wanted to check out the gym, but I was just too scared.

On Thursday I decided to be brave and visit the gym, but first I started my day with a morning routine.  This made All the difference in the world!  On Friday, I looked forward to my new morning routine and on Saturday I could not wait to wake up to start my day!

I also want to acknowledge the fact that I decided to give up coffee on Thursday just on a whim and I have managed to stick with this change.  It seems to be suiting me well so far.

I decided to allow myself to have a relaxing Sunday morning.  I slept in past 10:30 am and made a delicious brunch of cheesy toast and eggs.  As you can see, I am not doing keto right now, but I am still loosely intermittent fasting (if there is such a thing.) A friend of mine who has a background in health and fitness recommended that I choose between doing IF or keto, but should not do them together since I am also working on heavy resistance training.  At first, I weakly fought the idea because keto and IF seems to work really well, but there might be something to it.  I do not want to cause hormone imbalances or work against my goals as a whole.

I have started looking into the Ayurveda Kapha Diet.  I will keep you updated and let you know if I decide to embark on that adventure.  Today I did start my day with 15 minutes of yoga and it felt divine.  Especially on my new yoga mat.  My muscles feel sore (in a great way) from my 3 workouts in a row!


“Learn how to learn.”

  • Get your beauty sleep.  My sleeping schedule has been all sorts of messed up these days…
  • Follow a morning ritual and a nightly routine.  I started a morning routine which is absolutely life changing.  I will tackle the nightly routine next!
  • Complete homework early.  It is week #3.  I better get to work!  Just been acclimating to so many changes…
  • Commit and follow through promptly.  It has been kind of nice to not have any set commitments, but I think I am ready to change that this week.
  • Create a healthy routine.  If the morning routine is this amazing, I bet a daily routine will be even better!
  • Eat Clean.  This week I did not drink any alcohol and I gave up coffee.  I still need to work on my ice cream and sweets addiction 😉
  • Plan ahead and prepare (keep a food journal and write a daily schedule).  I have logged into myfitnesspal everyday for the past 945 days!
  • Exercise daily.  I am so glad that I started again 🙂
  • Do what you Must.

Overall, this has been a good week.  I am enjoying 2019 so far, but I noticed that I have a little too much idle time.  Being on foot opens up all kinds of time.  I know that when I had a car, if I was bored, I would meet with a friend or go shopping / window shopping.  I do despise that word, “bored.”  I do not think I have yet told you about my disdain for the concept of boredom, but that will be for another post.

For this week’s Be-YOU-tiful pic I am showing off my makeup free face and bed head hair  ❤

How was your week?  Did you have any breakthroughs?  What are your goals and plans for this upcoming week?  Please comment below to share!

❤ Alana

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