I think I can do this no coffee thing for a little while…

Giving up coffee was never part of my plan ever…

I loved the way it gave me something to look forward to in the morning and how it got my creative juices flowing.  Life was a lot more delicious and exciting with a cup of joe in hand.

I was even thinking about what kind of coffee making apparatus I should get for my new home and was debating between a keurig or some form of pour over coffee.

All of a sudden the whim struck me out of nowhere.  Well, it came from somewhere, like the fact that I did not believe I could function until I had my cup of coffee and sometimes one cup simply was not enough…

It has been a week since I broke up with coffee and started going to my new gym and I feel fantastic!

My 2nd to last coffee was a white coffee ❤

I now start my day with a cup of matcha green tea that I make at home.  I am hoping that this new habit will save me a pretty penny too.

I am surprised by how easy this switch has been for me!

I guess sometimes our best decisions are the ones that surprise us!  Sometimes, but not always…

I think this switch combined with a morning routine and working out consistently is doing wonders for my spirits.  I feel so uplifted and purposeful now!

My next stop is going to probably be harder than this one, but I am hoping to nix the sugar fix next.  Wish me luck!

❤ Alana

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