Workout and Word of the Day #11

Hello My Dear Darling Friends!

How is your week going?  This has been a great week for me.  My morning routine has been solid and the quality of my sleep is improving too!  One big change that I have made is to practice yoga before bed.  I have noticed that it is easier for me to fall asleep and I have very detailed and vivid dreams.

I am really enjoying my workouts these days.  I think an advantage to living in a more affluent area is that most of the people go to fancy boujee gyms.  This is great news for me because it means that I get the entire gym to myself on most days!

Workout of the Day: Whole Body + 30 min elliptical

Complete 2 x 20 of each exercise.

  • Ball Lunge
  • Arrow
  • Push-ups
  • Dips
  • Ball Crunch
  • Corkscrew
  • Squeeze

Word of the Day:

buzzwig– noun

  1. A person of consequence.
  2. A large, bushy wig.
  3. A person wearing such a wig.

Do you ever learn a new word and wonder what it means by the definition?  Like what is a “person of consequence” and how on earth is this related to a large, busy, wig?!  Are they trying to imply that a person who wears such a wig is a “person of consequence?”  There’s some food for thought for you!

This past week, you have probably noticed that my workout format has been 2 x 20.  I have been using lower weights and high repetitions.  You are going to notice that I am going to switch up my format to mix things up.

I want to start lifting heavier weights so I am going to be switching to the 5 x 5 format.  Have any of you done 5 x 5?  If so, please comment below to tell me more!

Enjoy the rest of your day and I will see you tomorrow!

❤ Alana


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