There’s Nothing Like the Honey-Do-List You Give Yourself

Do you ever feel like you need to do a power clean from the top to the bottom of your house?  That is how I am feeling today.  I am even tempted to get myself a coffee for that added liquid motivation, but I think I will settle for an Earl Grey tea and my vitamins as I write this.

If I am being brutally honest with myself, I know that getting coffee is really just an excuse to procrastinate from the task at hand.  I asked my cat Carl if we should brew the matcha or the Earl Grey (held the boxes up) and he instantly trotted up to the Earl Grey.  In fact he seems to be feeling the earl grey way more than I am at the moment 🙂 He has a super surge of energy right now and is chasing his neon blue mouse with reckless abandon!

Wow!  It feels so good to be real like that!  I feel a lot better already.

Nothing is wrong, I just always feel out of sorts after the weekend and this past weekend + Monday was no exception.  A family friend braved the crazy East Coast elements and picked up Alleyjandra and Carl from Maine and drove them all the way to Arizona for me.

It was just a few days of feeling out of sorts, nothing too major.  In fact, I stuck with my routine really well and even got a killer workout in yesterday and this morning!  I think I am feeling out of sorts because I joined my friends for a light cocktail 3 days in a row.  Day 1 was a glass and 1/2 of chardonnay and these past two days were sugar free cranberry with vodka.  It was fancy vodka, but I could still feel the dehydrating effects.  Now that our friend has headed home, I can achieve a sense of normalcy again.

I am happy about the fact that my motivation is growing as the earl grey hits my blood stream.  I put some beautiful air cleansing essential oils into the diffuser and am getting excited about this power clean session.

Any time I have $hit to do that I don’t necessarily want to do, it helps me to make a to-do-list.

Here is my space-cleansing to-do-list: Complete by Valentine’s Day

  1. Start laundry.
  2. Fold and put away clean laundry.
  3. Fix bed.
  4. Organize closet.
  5. Vacuum bedroom.
  6. Clean bathroom.
  7. Vacuum stairs.
  8. Clean kitchen.
  9. Sweep Living room.
  10. Clean entryway.
  11. Workout.
  12. Study.
  13. Clean out fridge.

There’s nothing like the honey-do-list that you give yourself, right?  In the past, I would have set a goal to get this all done today, but I know myself and I am learning how to be realistic with my expectations.  I have a tendency to easily get overwhelmed and that would defeat the whole purpose so I am giving myself some time to get this all done.  And if I do get it done early?  THEN MORE POWER TO ME!!!

I ❤ the thought of getting this all done by Valentine’s Day!  Speaking of which, can you believe that Valentine’s Day is already in 2 days?!?!  I am still getting past Thanksgiving in my head and heart.  Thankfully time keeps going otherwise, I would be stuck!

Do you have fun, romantically spicy plans for Valentine’s Day?  If so, please comment below!

Valentine’s Day is honestly one of my favorite days, but I don’t like going out because everyone else has that idea.  I prefer and nice, chill, relaxing valentine’s day at home.

Alright, I better get to work on my “Honey-Do-List!”

❤ Alana

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