I wish there was an easy way to say it, but the words got in the way.

I wanted to go, but chose to stay.

And when it came down to it there was nothing left to say.

Sparkly Glistening water inspires me.

3 thoughts on “Wordless…

    1. Thank you Sarah ❤ I have noticed that I get really sad at night and I am not exactly sure why. I think last night I was kind of sad about the disconnect with my parents. It is just going to take time for that to improve. I think it is time for me to create an night time routine for myself. I used to feel this way in the mornings, but was thankfully able to fix it with my morning routine. It could also be lovely hormones too. Lol. I had my iud removed a few months ago after having it for years and am feeling the effects. Sorry if that is TMI. Thanks for checking in with me.

      ❤ Alana

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