Spring Break

Originally posted on Living Out Loud:
I was stuck and depressed for awhile  Pretty much for all of February and the preceding months, then I made some changes, but the beginning of March was pretty much the same.  I knew that spring break was rapidly approaching and the thought of it was both exciting and…

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Blurry Vision & Broken Dreams

I packed up 2 years of my 22 year old life into two bags and caught a cab to the airport.  I remember crossing the golden gate bridge and my vision was blurry from the tears. I had spent the past 2 years with black eyes and bruises trying to just “fix myself” but had […]

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Workout and Word of the Day #43

Hello My Dear Darling Friends! I hope you are having a great week!  I have noticed positive changes ever since I started eating breakfast before my workouts.  I have a lot more energy and my mood feels more stable throughout the day.  My favorite breakfast has been 1/2 cup of gluten free oats with a […]

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Begin Again

Each day is a new opportunity to begin again.  So forgive yourself for yesterday (if necessary), close out the days of the past, and start making the memories that you want to last. ❤

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Workout and Word of the Day #42

Hello My Dear Darling Friends! We have reached the halfway point of the week!  I always enjoy Wednesdays and always feel very energetic.  I have been going for long walks at night and getting to bed a later than before, but it all seems to be working out which is nice.  I think that my […]

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Never Miss a Monday

Good Morning My Dear Darling Friends! I just wanted to take some time to wish you a happy Monday!  And with this I wanted to remind you to never miss a Monday! Okay, so you may not always wake up early enough to hit that spin class or that full workout you had planned.  Or […]

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