February is History

February is history, but it is my story too…

It had a very sad start and I think that I was still piecing together the shards of my heart.


I worked out consistently and I studied hard.  My workouts and morning routines were the glue that held everything together.  I noticed that I had a hard time dealing with the spaces in between.  The space that gave me too much time to overthink and dwell on the past.  Wondering why some things didn’t last…

I observed and reflected on my recurring patterns and started experimenting with new thought processes.  I realized that I was hanging on to remnants of the past that were robbing me from experiencing joy in the present and I found ways to set myself free.  It takes practice to see things differently and become who we really are.

Overall, I feel like February was a month of breaking things down…

I broke down my patterns.  Broke my heart open.  Had some breakthroughs with my own identity and am ready to rebuild.

Sometimes it is necessary to break things open and let the light in.

These are my goals for the month of March:

  • Breathe Deeply.
  • Meditate
  • Yoga EVERY DAMN Day!!!
  • Sing.
  • Draw
  • Begin Spring cleaning.
  • Laugh out LOUD.

My focus for February was faith and the amount of sadness, loss, and broken pieces tested my faith.  I am thankful that March is a month of peace.

How was your February and what are you looking forward to in March?  Please share your goals in the comments below!

❤ Alana


3 thoughts on “February is History

  1. March is usually a really challenging month for me. My goal for March is to stick with the positives. 💜

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