Be-YOU-tifully YOU Project 2.0 Week #9


“Peace is the result of retraining your mind to process life as it is, rather than as you think it should be.”

Hello My Dear Darling Friends!

It feels so refreshing to begin a brand new month!  My focus for the month of February was faith and I noticed that there were a lot of incidents that tested my faith.  We had the loss of a family member, my dad had open heart surgery, and I took a leap of faith and sold my car in Maine.

I am sad about the loss, but it was a reminder that life is delicate, precious, and needs to be cherished.  I took lots of time to reflect on myself and things that I would like to change.  I realized that I struggle with letting go and often fight to hang on.  I decided to be brave and confront myself.  I took active steps to let go and set myself free.  It was scary, but I know in my heart that it was the right thing to do.

My Dad’s condition has served to continually motivate me to get healthy and make my health a top priority.  I always put my health on the back burner in the past and it slowed me down in so many ways.

Then there was the question of whether I should sell or keep my car.  It was so nice to have a car that I owned outright.  This past summer my sister and I took it across country with the 2 cats and she hit the 100,000 mile mark which was a big milestone.  I also drove over 100 mph for the very 1st time in my life as we drove through Montana.  I definitely have some great memories and grand adventures that I will always remember with that car.  It was in great working condition and got 33 miles to  the gallon.  I also got new tires, new battery, and a new ignition.  I am proud to pass it on to the new owners!

Apparently, I do not have any pics of the outside of my car, but here are some memories from the inside:


“Don’t let fear or insecurity stop you from trying new things.”

  • Count your blessings.  I took my time to count my blessings nearly every day, but this last week I missed a couple of days.
  • Learn about faith.  I learned how to stay strong and true to myself as my faith got tested time after time.
  • Actively build your confidence.  I built my confidence by working out consistently and thinking positively.
  • Build strength with weight lifting.  Yes!
  • Believe in Miracles.  Yes!
  • Believe in Yourself!  It is an ongoing process / work in progress and some days are better than others.

I am glad that March is the month for me to find peace.  I am about 3 days behind on meditation and daily yoga, but I will just keep moving forward.  Nothing disrupts peace better than dwelling on the past and stressing.

These are all goals that will definitely help me at this point in my life.  I like that a lot of these goals are creative outlets.


“Peace is the result of retraining your mind to process life as it is, rather than as you think it should be.”

  • Breathe Deeply.
  • Meditate
  • Yoga EVERY DAMN Day!!!
  • Sing.
  • Draw
  • Begin Spring cleaning.
  • Laugh out LOUD.

Overall it was a good week.  I had some company that ended up cutting her visit short, but we made the most of the time that we had.  It was also nice because I was motivated to deep clean my entire townhouse.  I think it might be time for me to go through all of my clothes and make sure that everything “sparks joy.”

That is actually perfect because I just realized that “Begin Spring Cleaning” is on my task list for the month.  Spring cleaning is way easier when you have less items so I have that going for me!

Here are a few of my favorite February 2019 memories:

Here are my posts from the week!

I just realized that I hardly posted this past week and would like to change that.  It was a week that pulled me out of my normal routine, but I am so proud of the fact that I still worked out every day.  I thought I was going to skip my workout on Wednesday, but I ended up going in late and getting the job done!  I also don’t usually workout on Saturdays, but I have done whole body workouts these past two Saturdays!

Here is my Be-YOU-tiful pic of the week ❤

How was the month of February for you and what are your goals for the month of March?  Please comment below I would love to hear all about it!

❤ Alana

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