Current Workout Plan + Workout and Word of the Day #31

Hello My Dear Darling Friends!

March is here!  What are your health and fitness goals for this month?  I am planning on continuing to strength train consistently, make sure I am getting enough cardio, and keeping a more watchful eye on my nutrition by keeping a food journal.

I am happy with how consistent I was in the month of February.  Last week I did not post every workout here on Living Out Loud because I was busy with company and preparing for finals, but I still got every workout in!

Today is the beginning of Week #5 and I am switching up my exercises and sets.  I still do not have a clear opinion on the 5 x 5 x 5 workout structure.  I am not practicing the traditional 5 x 5 exercises because my gym is limited to dumbbells / free weights.

This is my current training split that I plan on sticking with:

Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday: Leg Dominant + Core + Steady State

Tuesday: Push Day + Hiit

Thursday: Pull Day + Hiit

Saturday: Explore or total body circuit or rest (depending on my energy levels)

Self-care Sunday: Rest Day

Today’s Workout: Leg Day + Hourglass Workout + Steady State Cardio

  1. Banded Bridge- 3 x 12
  2. Dumbbell Hip Thrust- 3 x 12
  3. Dumbbell Front Squat- 3 x 12
  4. Dumbbell Romanian Deadlift- 3 x 12
  5. Banded Seat Abduction- 1 x 30

Hourglass Workout: Complete this circuit 3 x’s

  1. Side Plank Lift on Elbow (15 both sides)
  2. Plank w/ Hip Drop (15)
  3. Twisting V-Ups (10 both sides)
  4. Side Plank w/ Leg Lift (10 both sides)
  5. Plank w/ leg side kick (15)

For steady state cardio, I walked on the treadmill at 3.2 and increased my speed every 2 minutes until I reached a 10% incline and then I brought the incline gradually down.  I walked for 30 minutes and listened to a podcast.

Today’s Word of the Day is:

feisty– adjective

  1. Full of nervous energy: fidgety.
  2. Touch, quarrelsome.
  3. exuberantly frisky.
  4. Having or showing a lively aggressiveness: spunky.

This is a word I have heard before.  I like how upbeat and vibrant it is with a heavy dose of mischievousness.

Do you follow a specific workout and nutrition plan?  If so, please comment below!  I am always looking for new tips and tricks!

❤ Alana

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