Sweetheart, it is okay to choose yourself.


I think this is beautiful.  I am a 30 year old woman who is almost done with her undergrad degree.  I am not married and I do not have kids, but I am learning to be happy with who I am.

I spent so many years chasing the dreams of others while putting my own goals and dreams on the back-burner.  I often felt like I had nothing to show for my time on earth.  It got to the point that I was struggling so much that I forgot how to dream myself.

I am so thankful for the people who have uplifted me and believed in me throughout my struggles and helped me find paths that I might not have chosen for myself.  Trying new things and being more fluid and flexible has opened my eyes and heart to a new way of living.  This may almost sound contradictory…  And maybe it is, but I am writing for me and not necessarily to make sense.

I have finally decided that it is time for me to choose myself.  This does not mean that I am not going to be in a relationship or that I have not fallen in love.  I think that it is possible to do both.  The mistake I made in the past was thinking that everything needs to be all or nothing.

Balance has become less important and I have shifted to favoring priorities.  My health is my top priority along with my goals, dreams, and a healthy relationship.

So when you feel pressure to push your goals to the trunk of your life remember that it is okay to choose yourself…

5 thoughts on “Sweetheart, it is okay to choose yourself.

  1. Amen girl! I experienced the same thing! Also around that age… I feel like going 30 and up and learn to accept things and release yourself from the mental cage you’ve put yourself in. It’s liberating. I can actually say that I’m now truly happy even though life isn’t perfect, that also don’t have kids and that I’m not married yet! keep going forward Alana! Keep working on yourself and keep going for self development! I can assure you, that’s the path to true happiness. Because it learns you to love yourself! xoxo Sarah

    1. I love you Sarah! Thanks for being so encouraging and supportive! I think we are both on great paths with self development and moving forward! It is really strange to imagine what our lives would have been like if we had lived the life our parents thought they planned for us. I think I am a lot happier now than I would have been if I had done that 😉

      1. Love you too sweetie!! Indeed, they mean well, but they didn’t consider our personalities in the equation when they were making the roadmap for us… We love them, but they just don’t know everything either…

      2. Yes, that is so true! I feel like so much has changed culturally from the times they were our age. It is nice because you understand what it is like to be raised in an Asian family.

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