Life Has No Ctrl + Z


Good ol’ Ctrl + Z has saved my butt in so many ways and I probably use it dozens of times a day.

It is a saving grace when I accidentally delete something important or things randomly disappear.

I would absolutely love it if life had ctrl + Z, but if it did I would probably get stuck.

Ctrl + Z would allow me to be a perfectionist and I could undo the moment over and over again until I got it right.  Does that not sound heavenly?!?!  At the same time, I would probably get stuck.  Stuck in the rut of re-doing everything and that would make it difficult to move forward and experience progress and growth.

As a whole, this image  is a very powerful reminder.  When I am about to make a big life decision I can remind myself that “Life Has NO Ctrl + Z” and then I would choose more carefully.

2 thoughts on “Life Has No Ctrl + Z

  1. Wise words, lady! I don’t mind not being able to go back. Because that’s how people discover your quirks and find you cute. Doing something stupid or saying something silly is just in the moment. But the reaction of people on that also gives you tons of info :). And practicing how to say sorry is certainly also not a bad thing ^^. I’d be hella boring if I were to be perfect :D. xoxo Sarah

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