I Need Clothes That I Can Actually Wear Places

Have you ever reached into your closet and grabbed the same outfit over and over again?

Or found that the only kinds of clothes you have are workout clothes?

I have my two go-to leggings that are cute enough to wear out, but I have been wearing them “out” for over a year and the 3rd pair finally wore out beyond repair.

I have always been one of those girls who has to try everything on before I can buy it.  Some would call it vertically challenged, but I just call myself tall enough (at 5 feet sometimes 1 inch depending on my posture and how much yoga I have done.)

I have also been moving a lot lately and that cuts down on the amount of clothes that I can bring places.  In a sense it is a definite advantage because I live with less baggage and less clutter.

This past summer in Maine I bought 4 of  the same style of shirt for work just in different colors and I rotated them with the 2 leggings and the same sweater.  I rocked those threads like a uniform and it worked for me.  Sadly, I carried that same outfit into the weekend and I still wear those same shirts with the same leggings.


I have had this same favorite tank top and this black shirt since 2012:

And to top that my dress that I have had since 2010 that is hanging in my closet right now and has NEVER let me down through the years:

It is definitely still my go-to-dress to this day.

If I am completely honest with myself, I have not been happy in my clothes for a very long time.  This was mostly because it was challenging for me to find affordable clothing that fit well.  Being overweight has cramped my style for years and I am thankful that I finally decided to get serious about my weightloss journey last July!

I am making progress and have started stacking up some non-scale-able victories.  Like in November my friend April got us matching shirts for our Commit Dance Workshop I was immediately going to ask for a Large or Extra Large, but she suggested medium.  And to my surprise, it fit so well!  I could not believe it!!!


There was also that time in December when my friends Diana gave me a tunic.  I was so nervous to try it on, but it fit me like a glove!

I am noticing that I am having a hard time finding clothes to wear that are not gym clothes and it is starting to get frustrating.  I end up wearing one of my uniform shirts with that same old sweater or a gym shirt that can pass for normal wear.

I think I am ready to slowly and affordably build up my wardrobe and develop my own fashion sense.

Right now my favorite places to shop are Ross, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Thrift Shops.  I am thinking of trying online shopping.

What are some of your favorite stores and online shopping sites?  Also, what are some clothing staples that you cannot live without?!  Please comment below to share and send me a link to your posts about fashion.  I would love to read them!

❤ Alana

5 thoughts on “I Need Clothes That I Can Actually Wear Places

  1. Hey Alana, I totally get this! I often go shopping at the same places and when I find myself looking good in something I buy it in several colors :D. What you sometimes must do is challenge yourself to wear something you’d NEVER pick out. I often do this when I go shopping alone. I go around in the shop, grab a bunch of clothes that look like “erm should I?”. You just never know what you might look good with. Something that you would’ve never picked up in the past may look gorgeous on you now… I also love to check out Stars who have a bit of the same body shape as I do, to choose clothes and be inspired by. Sometimes we want to go for so much comfort that we often look the same ^^. But for the record, there’s nothing wrong with wearing the same clothes over and over again. But you may want to switch the combo’s… another jacket, other shoes, other accessories, a scarf may do wonders,… Try out and have fun! Too sad we live so far from each other, otherwise it would of been fun to go shopping together ;). xoxo Sarah

    1. Hi Sarah!
      Thank you for the tips! I really appreciate the help 🙂 I am going to start experimenting with different styles. I finally started a fashion pinterest board 🙂 I wish we could shop together that would be so much fun 🙂

      ❤ Alana

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