Let’s Prune!

Let’s Prune!!! Xoxo

Living Out Loud

I find it funny that the statement “Let’s Prune” rhymes with “Let’s Spoon!”


It has been over a year since I started to take “de-cluttering” seriously.  I was inspired by Marie Kondo’s book the”Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up.” Kondo believes that everything in our household and our space should spark joy.  We should dress up and treat de-cluttering like a special occasion/ ceremony.

The year before I discovered her book, I learned on my trip to New Zealand that less is MORE and that if you want to travel far you really should carry less.  This has been a nice change from the ideology that I believed growing up.  I used to think that it was good to have collections and having a large supply was practical because “someone” could “probably use it in the future.”

Kondo helped me to finally let go of my “someday I will fit…

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