Workout and Word of the Day #38

Hello My Dear Darling Friends!

I hope you are having a great week so far.’  This morning I had pre-workout for the 1st time in probably 3 + years and it was fine.  I did not lose my mind and I did not feel a huge difference from my usual cup of coffee…  Although now that I think about it, I did not experience a caffeine crash (which was nice) and I felt extra happy and motivated in the afternoon.  So much that I cleaned the kitchen and downstairs.

I think I will use pre-workout on my upper body days since those days are more challenging for me than my leg days.  So that will be about 2 times a week.  Have you used pre-workout before?  Comment below with your favorite!

Today’s Workout: Shoulders & Triceps

  1. Seated Dumbbell Press 3 x 20
  2. Seated Arnold Press 3 x 20
  3. DB Front Raise 3 x 20
  4. DB Lateral Raise 3 x 20
  5. Tricep Extensions 3 x 15
  6. Seated French Press 3 x 15
  7. Single Arm Tricep Extensions 3 x 8
  8. Tricep Bench Dips 3 x 25
  9. Single Leg Lowering 3 x 20
  10. Bicycle Twists 3 x 20

*Active rest for 30 seconds between every set.  I did Jumping Jacks, High Knees, Pulse Squats, and Plie jump squats.  I decided to avoid lateral motion because my left knee was a little sore today.

After my lifting workout I hit the elliptical for 35 minutes and did seven 30 second all out sprints with 30 seconds easy in between.  I think this was also fueled by the preworkout.

Word of the Day:

cessation– noun

  1. A temporary or final ceasing (as of action): Stop

That was a new word that I have not heard of before.  I like it and will try and utilize it in the future.  Slip it into conversation every now and then 🙂

It is finals week and I have been trying not to stress out or procrastinate too much.  What have you been up to lately?  Please comment below to share!

❤ Alana

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