Be-YOU-tifully YOU Project 2.0 Week #11


“Peace is the result of retraining your mind to process life as it is, rather than as you think it should be.”

Hello My Dear Darling Friends!

This week flew by and I felt strong with each workout.  It was finals’ week which was a little stressful, but I got through it!  The weeks are always pretty good, but my weekends are always a lot more challenging for me.  I think it is the issue of knowing what to do with my spare time.

I am thinking of moving to a tropical place soon so I am trying to hold off on buying a car.  It is easy to go a little stir-crazy without my own transportation though.  Thankfully, I live in a place where everything is across the street from me and I can easily walk to get groceries, food, coffee, and anything else I would need.  Shame on me for ever complaining about life being too convenient, right?

At some point in the middle of the week I caved and got myself a scale.  I have not weighed myself since January, but I decided that I should so that I can know exactly how much protein I should be consuming each day.  I do not want to be above or below my goal.  I was really discouraged when I found out that I had gained some weight since January.  I have been working my butt off and felt like I have made a lot of progress so seeing that number was on the edge of devastating.  Luckily, I pulled myself together and reminded myself that I have been building muscle also, I weighed myself at the end of the day and I know that numbers frequently fluctuate.

The next morning, I weighed myself and saw that I at least lost 3 lbs since January.  I still have a ways to go, but it is progress and I will keep going!

On Friday, I treated myself and got my 1st haircut since September!  I usually go for a budget friendly place, but this time around I really wanted to get a good cut so I looked online and found a stylist who is right across the street and I was not disappointed at all!  It is definitely worth-it to get a good haircut every now and then.

Here is a fun before and after pic.  Same day, new hairr!!!

Yesterday I got hit with another mild bout of depression.  It is kind of typical of Saturday evening though.  I am proud of the fact that I allowed myself to feel my feelings rather than drowning them with a glass of wine.  A good night’s sleep does the soul a lot of good and today I woke up feeling refreshed and a lot better!


“Peace is the result of retraining your mind to process life as it is, rather than as you think it should be.”

  • Breathe Deeply.  I need to do more of this.
  • Meditate  Nope
  • Yoga EVERY DAMN Day!!! Not yet 😦
  • Sing.  No
  • Draw Naw
  • Begin Spring cleaning.  Kind of…
  • Laugh out LOUD.  Sometimes…

As you can see, I have not been sticking very closely to my goals for this month, but I am in a much more peaceful place than I was last March, I think 🙂

I think overall, I am getting nervous about life after graduation.  Being able to go to school for the past 4 years has felt like the ultimate luxury and a nice little break from ordinary life.  I have a feeling my life is not going to be ordinary especially after the exciting news I just got this afternoon!

Here are my posts from the past week!  Check them out!

This week I was a little less creative when it came to my blog posts, but am still happy about my consistency!

Here is my Be-YOU-tiful pic of the week ❤


How was your week?  Please comment below to tell me about it!


❤ Alana

3 thoughts on “Be-YOU-tifully YOU Project 2.0 Week #11

    1. Aww thanks Sarah! I played around with a new color I usually would not choose. You have really inspired me to start playing with makeup more and your right it is such a fun exercise in self-care and adds a great boost of confidence! Thanks for being a beautiful inspiration! Xoxo Alana

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