Weight loss Wednesday



Hello My Dear Darling Friends!

If you have been following me for awhile (or even just a little bit) you probably know that I have been on a weight-loss journey.  This journey has been more of an overall transformation that reaches beyond the number on the scale.  I am working towards becoming the best version of my self and living my life out loud and to the fullest.  Aren’t we all?

This morning when I put on my workout clothes I was a little over-critical of myself because I still have a little pooch on my belly and some extra fluff on my back.  In these moments that I get overcritical.  I also get dangerously close to sabotaging myself and this has happened year after year.  In the past, I sort of accepted defeat and said mean things to myself like,

“It doesn’t matter how hard you work, you are probably just meant to be big.” Or “You must be doing something wrong.”

Lately, I have been catching myself when these thought patterns begin to sink in.  I try to flip the message and thank my body for carrying me this far and I reassure myself that I can do it I just have to keep going.  I say these words gently because tough love just has not been very effective message wise.

Today as I was moving along on the elliptical I thought back to where I was a year ago…  And damn!   The honest truth was that I was dangerously close to 200 lbs!  I have worn my extra weight like armor for over a decade.  The weight gain did not happen overnight, but I have definitely been on the heavier side of things since late 2012 when I stopped being vegetarian.

I had some success with weight-loss in 2014, but I do not think that I lost it in a healthy way.  My meals consisted of a protein shake for breakfast.  A protein shake with a cara cara orange for lunch, and special K cereal for dinner.  I also was very active teaching swimming lessons, coaching swim team, and working out during my lunch break.  It was nice to get results, but that lifestyle was not sustainable.

I also had a nice little stint of weight-loss this past fall and in November – early December I was the lightest I have been since probably 2011 (the unhealthy vegan days).  This time around I was intermittent fasting and following keto guidelines plus doing some strength training and zumba or dance fitness almost every day.  The negative side about this lifestyle was that I was super stressed, got very sick, was forgetting to eat, and was not able to sleep most nights.

I am not bashing IF and keto I just think it is important to go about it in a healthier way than I did.  It was sad for me to gain some weight back over the holidays, but I had a feeling it would happen since I stopped being strict keto.

I have been working out consistently since early February and thought that I would share my progress with you!

These pictures are one month apart.  The pic on the left was in early February and the other pic was last Wednesday.


I weighed myself for the first time since January and was a little disappointed to see that the number on the scale has not moved a lot.  I reminded myself that I am working on losing weight in a healthy way and improving my body composition.

Progress NOT Perfection.

I hope you are having a great week and are continuing to pursue your goals!  Thanks for joining me for this update and I will see you again soon!

❤ Alana

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