From Surviving to Thriving

I wrote this 4 years ago and am so happy to see the progress I have made since then. Even in the last year… Last March I was dangerously close to 200 lbs and now I am finally working my way down.

So the next time you notice that you are putting a lot of pressure and stress on yourself or being too overly critical; take some time to reflect on how far you have come.

Living Out Loud

There was a time when my life was not my own…

I think the hardest part was not being allowed to write without my journals being ripped and shredded.  Told that journaling or writing was something stupid people did because they could not formulate or develop thoughts without writing them down.  That same person always said that self-help books were also stupid because it kept people from thinking on their own.  It is hard to live under a magnifying glass especially when the person on the other end demands that the image look a certain way.

You look in the mirror and have a hard time recognizing yourself.  The windows to your soul shrouded with pain and misery…  Missing the sparkle and vibrancy that used to shine through.  Wrinkles and folds developing around them as a result of tearful sleepless nightmares of nights.

I still found ways to write.  I…

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