Never Miss a Monday

Good Morning My Dear Darling Friends!

I just wanted to take some time to wish you a happy Monday!  And with this I wanted to remind you to never miss a Monday!

Image via weheartit

Okay, so you may not always wake up early enough to hit that spin class or that full workout you had planned.  Or maybe you’re just “not feeling it” today and have plans to “start tomorrow.”

First of all, it is okay that life happened and interrupted your plans, but don’t just write off the rest of the day.  It is still early and full of possibilities.  And even if you get home late from work you can still fit in a quick power walk or turn up your favorite spotify playlist and rockout to 3 of your favorite songs!

Just take some time for you and do what you do!

Most importantly, NEVER GIVE UP!!!

❤ Alana

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