Spring Break

It was fun to look back on my spring break 6 years ago and realize just how far I have come since then. I had reached an all-time -low and was so stressed, but still doing my best.. Keep working towards your goals. You are getting there and you will be so thankful that you never gave up no matter how hard everything was…

❤ Alana

Living Out Loud

I was stuck and depressed for awhile  Pretty much for all of February and the preceding months, then I made some changes, but the beginning of March was pretty much the same.  I knew that spring break was rapidly approaching and the thought of it was both exciting and daunting  I knew that I needed it.  Mentally and emotionally I have been SO drained and I need time to relax and renew.  At the same time I was daunted and worried that it would be just more of the same and my depression would not change.  Finally I made a decision:  I decided that I would enjoy this time and be gentle with myself.

My family and I made plans for spring break months ago.  We were supposed to go to a resort in Oregon.  I have been looking forward to getting away, but when I decided to move out…

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