I’m Breaking Up With My Makeup

It is time for me to break up with my makeup again! It has taken my skin awhile to adjust to this dryer climate and I bet that by the time it has adjusted; I will be traveling again!

Living Out Loud

“Today, instead of making up my face, I made up my mind and I decided to break up with my makeup.”

I have never been big on wearing a lot of makeup in fact I have never applied foundation to my face, but when I want to feel “put together” I definitely do conceal the circles under my eyes. I also have a go to look that helps me feel “more beautiful.”  I have spent my spring break doing a lot of spring cleaning and a few days ago I wrote about makeup shelf life.  

Lately I have been feeling very judgmental of myself and have caught myself being afraid of aging.  Before long I will be 30 and that is a scary thought.  I am happy with my life, but sometimes I worry that I have not accomplished enough yet…

So today I decided that I am breaking up…

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