Spring has Sprung & I Need to Breakup with my Makeup

Spring is finally here and I am enjoying the sunshine and the splashes of colors that are blossoming outside.  I miss my cherry blossoms and magnolias, but the cactus blossoms have a wild kind of beauty that I love.

I am amazed by how a plant can go from having nothing but thorns to being so lively, colorful, and beautiful when it is dressed up with coral blossoms.

This was closer to spring, but in January it was nothing but thorns.
See?  It has come alive and you cannot even see the thorns anymore!
I was kind of an anxious mess yesterday (this week) it is “that time of month” and my back was sore and crampy, and I have been feeling exhausted, but I am glad I decided to go outside!

I have been feeling a little uninspired these past few days and I think I need to take some action to spruce things up a bit.  I am going to do my workout this morning and then I will get some cleaning supplies and maybe some candles.  I want to do some spring cleaning!

I have been doing household chores here and there like vacuuming and yesterday I got the laundry under control, but I think I could do even more and I will feel a lot better about it too!

My skin has been giving me grief or it probably thinks that I am giving it grief.  I have not been wearing heavy makeup, but I have been doing my makeup once a week on Fridays.  I think I will give my skin a break and break up with my makeup at least for the month of April.

These are some of the makeup looks that I have played around with for the past few Fridays:

One day I decided that I was going to do my makeup on Friday nights even if I was not planning on going anywhere.  It has been a lot of fun.  I still don’t wear any foundation just a little bit of concealer under my eyes.  I also have not gotten any bronzer or blush and I never do my brows so my makeup looks have consisted of light concealer, eyeshadow, mascara, and lipgloss.

My skin has been feeling a little dry and aggravated this week so I am going to give it some TLC.  I also need to think of something to replace my makeup Fridays with.  Maybe I will put on the sunscreen and spend more time in the sunshine.  I will let you know what I choose to replace it with.

I think the timing is perfect because I can deep clean and study today then relax (and study more) tomorrow.  Maybe I will get some fresh/dry herbs to combine with my essential oils and do a facial steam and mask.  I haven’t done that in a few years actually.

How do you show your skin some extra TLC?  Comment below to share!

❤ Alana

5 thoughts on “Spring has Sprung & I Need to Breakup with my Makeup

  1. Alana, that title got me all worked up haha :D. I thought, what’s happening here! But yeah, I get it, you need to let your skin rest. Perhaps your skin is sensitive to parabens and such. Maybe you should look into more natural beauty products… Have a lovely week Alana! xoxo Sarah

    1. Awww, don’t worry Sarah! I will definitely go back to wearing makeup. I did this last spring too. I think my skin is still adjusting to this super dry climate in addition to my hormones. I will look into natural beauty products too!

      ❤ Alana

      1. Just kidding Alana! You don’t need make up to look beautiful! Sporting that beautiful smile of yours really is enough! Xoxo Sarah

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