Is it faux pas to wear no bra?


I have noticed that lately I can barely be bothered to wear a bra these days…

The only time I really wear one is to workout other than that I let the girls out 🙂

I think it is honestly a “symptom” of working out because when I lose weight my boobs are usually the first to go…  Although it is nice to feel strong and more shapely so I really have no complaints.

I live in a warm place and even went to the grocery store without a bra and it felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders literally.


Too much information?  I am honestly not sorry about that one.  After yesterday’s post I needed to write something more lighthearted!


10 thoughts on “Is it faux pas to wear no bra?

  1. Hahaha home is indeed where the bra goes off! Seriously though, I can’t bear the thought of not wearing a bra going out. I feel naked and seen :D. And I just want to keep the girls well supported for as long as I can :p. Great post Alana! xoxo Sarah

    1. I definitely understand. I would not be able to go out into public without a bra if I know that I am going to be out for awhile or will be interacting with people. ❤

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