Workout and Word of the Day #51

Hello My Dear Darling Friends!

It has been a “minute” since I have written a workout and word of the day.  And by minute I mean nearly an entire week!

Luckily, I have kept up with my workouts and did not skip a beat in that department.  I started a new full time job and that has kept me busy in addition to my internship.  It sure feels good to write again!

Today’s Workout: Leg Day + Medicine Ball Circuit

Workout A:

  1. Banded Dumbbell Hip Thrust (nonstop) 3 x 20
  2. DB Deficit Bulgarian Split Squat 3 x 12
  3. DB Dead lifts 3 x 10
  4. Goblet Squats 3 x 10
  5. Leg Press 4 x 10

Medicine Ball Circuit: 2 x’s

  • 1 x 10 in-n-outs
  • 2 x 10 toe touches
  • 3 x 10 leg lifts
  • 15 Power cross chops (both sides)
  • 15 Figure 8 Scoop
  • 10 Split Push-up knee tuck-in
  • 15 Balancing Burpee
  • 20 Front Lunge pass under
  • 15 Tricep Press Matrix
  • 20 Back Extension Pass

I surprised myself because I was only planning on doing the first 3 exercises in this circuit, but I felt energetic and wanted to challenge myself and I did just that!

Today’s Word of the Day is:

katzenjammer– noun

  1. Hangover
  2. Distress, depression, or confusion resembling that caused by a hangover.
  3. A discordant clamor.

I did have a glass of wine and some crackers this past Saturday and I did not feel great the next day, but thankfully skipped the hangover.  I found out that my Grandma Alice had a massive stroke and is unresponsive.  I am heartbroken over this sad news…  She has maybe 9 more days.

On another note, I was reminded why I used to have gym anxiety…

I work out at the gym in my townhouse community and it is very small.  There are 2 treadmills and 2 ellipticals. and only one of each works well.  Then there is one bench with dumbbells that go up to 50 lbs.  To the right of the free weight area there is a cable machine that allows you to do upright leg presses, leg extensions, leg curls, then upper body exercises like lat pull-downs, etc.  Then there is an area for stretching that has a spin bike, some medicine balls, and a yoga ball.  It is a tight space, but I love it because it is rarely ever busy.

Now that summer is around the corner it is starting to become a lot more busy. Trainers have started training clients in small groups and things get a little cramped. I am fine with sharing space, but on my way out, two ladies were on their way in to see their trainer.  I said hello, smiled, and held the door open for them and they both walked past me and ignored me.  I don’t know why this bothered me.  They have seen me working out in the past.  At least in the past 4 months that I have been training here, this was the first rude encounter that I have had.  I don’t feel a need to be best friends with people, but common courtesy is kind of nice.

Oh well, I think I just needed to vent.  It was not a big deal and I still got a great workout in!

How are you doing with your workouts?  Please comment below to share!

❤ Alana

2 thoughts on “Workout and Word of the Day #51

  1. So I just saw this word of the day somewhere else ?? Do you get the word of the day from somewhere!? And here I thought they were your picked words —
    And I know what you mean about rude people –
    But I have learned that sometimes it is not even about us – like they might have just had a heavy convo and they were not being socially aware – or maybe there was another reason –
    But sometimes people are so focused they forget their manners
    And other times just rude!

    1. Most of the time I pick words that I find interesting and when I can’t think of any I do look up a word of the day online so it was probably a word of the day I found online 😉
      Yes, you are probably right. I am usually pretty good about not taking those types of things personally. It is funny how the small things can crawl under our skin 🙂

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