You Just Can’t Take It All With You…

I had to move 4 times in one year the year I turned 25…

I moved to a house right on State street downtown and I enjoyed living there.  I was struggling, but making things work.  I got 3 more jobs and even though I had a car I got a bus pass and walked as much as I could to save money.  This resourcefulness saved me months later…


6 months after living in this lovely house, my other roommates decided to move back home with their parents and I did not want to be a house manager and find new roommates so I rented a room in a new place with friends.  I was sad to leave the beautiful victorian home with my giant room with a view of the capitol, but I knew that it was time to go.

On the day that I moved to my new place, my mom dropped off 12 boxes in front of my new place it had 25 years of my life packed into those boxes and it was overwhelming.  Back then I was super sentimental (still am) and thought that holding on to things would help me preserve the memories. I believed that books were gifts that you could open again and again, but I started to see that they get heavy over time.  I also had lots of clothes.  Swim meet sweatshirts from a decade ago and such.  It was hard to let go.

At the time, I was in the master suite of the townhome so I had a lot of space, but 7 months later I had to move downstairs to a smaller yet reasonably sized room.  My mom helped me bring a shelf from the garage into my bedroom and stack those ugly boxes on the shelf.  It was overwhelming and I felt like I was living in a closet.


Shortly after this 3rd move, my car broke down…  This was a major curveball that was hard for me to recover from.  Before this happened, I was working a super early opening shift at the Downtown Y and showed up at 4:20 am.  From there I would teach swimming lessons at the Valley, then water group fitness at Jubilee and I would commute 45 minutes to an hour to coach swim team.  It was exhausting to work these 4 jobs, but the upside to all of this was that I did not spend a lot of time in my box filled closet of a room.

This all came to a screeching halt when my car broke down.  I did not want to move to Federal Way or Bellevue so I borrowed a friends computer to fill out job applications (it had been years since I had my own computer) and the guy I was dating back then was kind enough to let me borrow his Mustang car to get around and drive to job interviews.  I sadly did not get any of the jobs I applied for, but I got a full time job at the athletic club I was working at.  I took the bus to and from work every day and was often exhausted and drained.  To complicate my life even more, my landlord kept on raising my rent and I decided to find a new place.

This move changed my life for the best.

I moved in with the cleanest, most tidy/strict Asian lady I had ever met in my entire life.  She had high standards and very strict rules one of them was that my boyfriend could not visit me in our house.  I ended up being okay with that because dude was very jealous and controlling.

I overwhelmed this poor lady with all the stuff I dragged in, but she was so kind and welcoming and during my year of living there I learned that less is more and too much stuff can cause a lot of stress.  I downsized a lot, but still had too much stuff.

I noticed that the more I learned to let go, the better my life got and piece by piece my life started coming together.

Since then I have moved 6 times and I am getting ready for another major move in a few weeks.  I am a very sentimental person.  I held on to every birthday card, journal, ticket stub, ribbon, handwritten letter, photo, and somehow managed to carry it with me from place to place.

I slowly started letting things go because I learned that it is hard to move and travel when you are carrying a lot of baggage, but I managed to hang on to many mementos.

Yesterday I let almost all of it go!

I went through my boxes of books and mementos and recycled most of it.  It feels bittersweet at the moment and I am hoping that I will not regret this decision down the road, but right now I feel like it was a good idea to let these things go.

It is rejuvenating and cathartic to let things go.

When you let things go you create space for more.


7 thoughts on “You Just Can’t Take It All With You…

  1. congrats on purging and I think it is very very very wise.
    I know it hurts – but it can be freeing – as you noted here. and at least you have some pictures of some of the stuff – and other ways to remember –
    and again – congrats on doing this – it can be so much lighter and make life better

    1. Thank you for the positive reinforcement 🙂 I think it was the right thing to do too. It is a nice way to prepare for new adventures. Of course I have friends and my sister who said, “Awww you should keep those memories.” But it is nice to have fewer loose ends. ❤

      1. Well take photos of the items and the memory can stay with ya that way.
        Your post hit home for me right now because I need to get rid of some of my children’s school work – writings and art and collages – all so dear to me – but have a lot of file folders and while it is okay to keep saving – I know I need to get rid of a few more so I don’t have that burden later – have two thick folders on the piano bench and plan to take photos of most stuff that feels precious – and then keep ten percent – that is the plan

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