This De-cluttering Process…

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I have gone through and let go of years of memories and somehow I still have a stack of stuff that I am not looking forward to going through…

I used to think that acquiring items was the challenge, but really that is the easy part.  The challenge is not accumulating too much and finding homes for everything you have.

I like the whole concept in the image above because it makes sense.  The less paper I have, the less I will need to go through in the future, but it is a double-edged issue because I love to journal and write.  I loved being able to look back and remember what it was like to be a 22 year old.  This past week I recycled many of those old journals.  I kind of feel like, “what’s the point of journaling if I am going to end up recycling what I write?”  Because I don’t want to carry around dozens of books with me, but I also enjoy the process of writing.  My answer is that this is another exercise in letting go…  It was almost painful to let go of some of my writings, but many of the things that I was writing about back then were painful.

I guess this is what blogging is for.  I can digitally remember the feelings on my heart and save them without having to carry pounds of paper around.

This applies to memories too…

There are those magical memories that you treasure and revisit often and there are those less than pleasant memories that make you cringe.

Not all memories can be magical, but they are all pieces of the mosaic or masterpiece of our lives.  We cannot control everything that happens around us, but we can choose how to respond.

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I am not advocating for waste and never hanging on to anything.  I am still hanging on to the books and pictures that I treasure the most.  I am just going to be more selective about what I choose to carry with me.

Am I going to stop writing and journaling?  NO WAY!

4 thoughts on “This De-cluttering Process…

  1. Part of what you wrote reminded me of something that I read just yesterday:

    24 Pictures you take 4000
    Old camera 24 Pictures you develop 0 New phones
    24 Pictures you look at 0

    It just changes the perspective. Although we can be more sustainable, with that process we end up forgetting about things because of the lack of physical evidence. How many times I have lost photos just because the memory got corrupted (because – technology, am I right) and lost part of my memories… Too many times.
    Don’t feel bad about keeping stuff. But if you want to get rid of some bad memories, by all means – do that and don’t look or feel bad 🙂
    Have a nice one 🙂

    1. I am just going to rewrite a part because it got all scrambled (again, technology 😀 :

      Old camera: Pictures you take – 24
      Old camera: Pictures you develop – 24
      Old camera: Pictures you look at – 24

      New phones: Pictures you take – 4000
      New phones: Pictures you develop – 0
      New phones: Pictures you look at – 0

    2. Thank you for sharing. It is amazing how pictures and mementos can take us back and remind us of long forgotten memories. I will continue to go through and ditch the bad memories and keep the good ones 🙂 I hope you are doing well 🙂

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