I Am Taking 2 Weeks Off

Hello My Dear Darling Friends!

About a week ago I gave myself “permission” to take a week off from working out.  I have been so consistent since January, but noticed that I was putting so much pressure on myself and being unkind.  This Monday I decided that 2 weeks will not hurt.  This is a time of transition and I am still staying active.  On Sunday we swam 1.4 miles in the lake!

I know that when I get into a pattern of self defeating thoughts and self deprecation that it is time to hit the pause button…

It has been nice to take a deliberate pause.  In the past, I usually ended up quitting and allowing life to get in the way and keep me from continuing, but this time it is simply a deliberate pause.

My wrist was so sore that I could not lift very heavy weight and I had a giant blister on the ball of my foot that got infected and made it hard to walk.  I took these as signs to take a break.

And now my blister has drained and healed and my wrist is feeling a lot better.  I never used to believe in breaks, but healing takes place when you allow yourself to rest.

It is also good timing because I am about to move again and I need to save as much money as I can to finance this next adventure.  I thought that when I came home that I would join a gym for at least a month and continue working out, but it hasn’t happened.  Also, I sold my car in Maine and put the money towards a house.  I guess this is delayed gratification.  Making sacrifices and saving up for a greater good!

This is also a good time for me to dive into those books that I have always wanted to read and to refocus my energy into creating the kind of life I want in the future.  I think once I start working out again I will do home workouts so that I will not put so much pressure on myself.

It is not very realistic to get a gym membership when you are frequently moving so I need to do a workout that can move with me.  I’m thinking some meditation, yoga with Adriene, Blogilates, anyone?

large (8)

What are some of your favorite portable workouts?  Please comment below to share!

❤ Alana

2 thoughts on “I Am Taking 2 Weeks Off

  1. I always take breaks when my body tells me too. I’ve learned that I have to really listen to it OR ELSE it bites me in the ass. Hope all is well, Alana 🙂

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