Workout and Word of the Day #64

Hello My Dear Darling Friends!

I took this past week off from working out (life was hectic) and I am back at it again!  I just need to let go of the past.  I have a tendency to hang on to the frustration that I had more stamina and strength not so long ago.  My goal is to have a more fluid and flexible mindset.

Today’s Workout is: Booty Workouts + Hip Opener Yoga

Fat Destroyer Cardio:

8 Minute Bikini Butt Workout:

I enjoyed this workout and the fact that it also works on balance!

The Bold & the Beautiful Workout:

This workout burned!  I am going to revisit this workout regularly so that I can see progress!

20 Minute Hip Opening Yoga Practice:

I needed this after being so sedentary this week.  It felt so good to stretch my body and open up my tight hips.

Today’s Word is:

seriatim– adverb, adjective

  1. In a series; one after another.

Thanks for joining me for another workout and word of the day.  I think I need to abandon my desire to workout in a gym for awhile because I am traveling.  I am so glad that I had 4 dedicated months in the gym, but now is my chance to do more yoga, pilates, and workouts that I can do on the go!

What are some of your favorite portable workouts?  Please comment below to share!

❤ Alana

6 thoughts on “Workout and Word of the Day #64

  1. Glad you got some working out after a nice rest – I liked the second video and will try it -the other two videos did nit load yet – will try later –
    Oh and I did yoga and cardio class then yard work – now planning to rest next few days

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