May 2019 Recap

Hello My Dear Darling Friends!

Wow!  We have made it through 5 complete months of this year.  I spent all week feeling indecisive about whether or not I wanted to do a recap of this month.  Now that I have the first week of June under my belt; I think I will talk about May a little.

May was an emotional month for me and at times it was hard for me to control them.  It seems like these emotions have carried over to June a little, but they are more optimistic in nature.

Week #1: Wrapping up one chapter and starting a new one.

I enjoyed my time in Scottsdale, Arizona, but this seemed like the perfect time to head back to my home town.  Why not start a new journey at the beginning of the month? I saw my nearly 5 months in Arizona as a chance to cleanse my mind, heart, and soul.  It was so nice to escape the bitter cold weather of Washington without having to head right in to frozen, snowy, Maine.  The sun was shining when I arrived and it was exactly what I needed.

I worked out consistently the entire time that I lived in Arizona.  I also played around with some supplements including whey protein, BCAAs, and some pre-workout here and there.  I am proud of what I accomplished workout-wise, but I think I was starting to get burnt out.  I ended my time in Arizona on a high note scoring a full-time work from home job running a business and I love it!

Week #2: There’s No Place Like Home

I have to say that our cats are amazing travelers.  They handled that drive from Arizona to Washington like absolute champs!  And my girl Alleyjandra discovered a love for pork rinds…  Oops…

I was thrilled to spend this time with one of my dearest friends, Diana.  We arrived on Cinco De Mayo and were greeted warmly.  There was no time to unpack, I pulled on my swimsuit and we drove straight to the Beach in the Evergreen Woods AkA: “My Happy Place.”  In fact, I have always dreamed of swimming there, but never wanted to do it alone.  After swimming in the sound, we walked to a cute restaurant called “Central & State.”  It was the first time any of us had ever been there.  That evening we drank wine and did flow painting!  It was definitely a day to remember!

Week #3: More Adventures!

So all of those pictures you just saw happened in just one day!  Can you believe that?  I had a day jampacked with fun adventures!  I have to say that Spring is absolutely gorgeous in my hometown and I am glad I got to spend it there ❤

At this point, I was still putting a lot of pressure on myself to find a gym.  I felt a little discouraged from seeing pictures of myself in my swimming suit and  there was a voice in my head saying that all my hard work was not paying off.  It was discouraging and made me feel very sad for a few days.  Towards the end of that week I finally decided to silence that voice!

We went for lots of walks in the woods with the dogs.  On  Thursday Diana got us matching swimming suits and we went for a quick swim in Puget Sound via the Evergreen Woods.  On Friday we had a beachy pizza party potluck.  My sister and her bf Kye drove down from Tacoma to join us.  I felt like I had a little emotional outburst because a girl was obviously flirting with my partner while I was in the ocean swimming.  It continued into the evening so I just asked her, “are you flirting with my bf?”  She later came up to me and said she hoped that I was joking and that she was being picked on. The nice girl in me felt kind of bad, but was also glad that I stood up for myself.

Saturday was also full of adventures.  We had my friend Kathy Morris’s memorial on Saturday morning then we played on the trampoline all afternoon and went for a swim that was over a mile long in Lake St. Clair that evening.

Week #4: Spring in my Hometown ❤

At this point, I had finally made peace with the fact that I would not be visiting the gym and probably would not go to any dance classes either.  I did spend a lot of time outdoors enjoying the beauty of the place that I grew up.  It was also time to start getting mentally prepared for my big move!  I got to go on another adventure with my sister right before leaving and I am so glad that I did!

Week #5: May was a long and fun-filled month

This was a busy week full of preparation and packing.  By the end of it I was in a brand new place that I have always wanted to visit even just for a few days.  And by June first I was moved into my new home ❤

I have to say that there were no dull or boring moments in the month of May.  I lived in 3 different states in 1 month and went on so many grand adventures.

How was the month of May for you?  Please comment below to tell me all about it!  What are some things you would like to do in June?

If you are still reading this, thank you so much!  I know that this was kind of a long post and it means a lot to me that you decided to stick around and hang out.

❤ Alana

8 thoughts on “May 2019 Recap

    1. Thank you for your encouragement, Susie! This is just what I needed to hear. I will keep going and growing stronger. Hope you are having a lovely weekend!

      ❤ Alana

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